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Hey +Jack Underwood! Thanks for this great calendar app.

One minor thing that bugs me: Can you please correct the up-button-behaviour when launching a specific entry from the agenda widget?


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As I'm laying in bed last night, about to fall asleep, I suddenly realize that the code I pushed to production may have a bug in it, and I'm all like...

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My new companion: Cannondale Bad Boy 9

(photos taken with #OnePlus One)

Cannondale Bad Boy 9
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Google is holding a London Android Wear Hackathon 1-2 Nov. Space limited, please apply here:

#London   #AndroidWear  

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Having a picture of Elvis on your personal blog... ✓

#AndroidDev   #Gradle   #JenkinsCI

I've got one invite left. Expires in 2 days.
First comment with email will get it :)
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