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Jeff Cannon (Simple Truth Project)
Teaching a Meditative Approach to overcome the Contemporary Issues We All Face
Teaching a Meditative Approach to overcome the Contemporary Issues We All Face

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Experience What it is Like to feel Unconditional Love

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Watch this video to bring a zen balance to your life by touching the earth.

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Enjoy this message of self-love, personal growth and mindful living.

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Trump or Hillary - there is an important lesson to learn from the recent election.

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Zen For Busy People:

With 2016 off and running. why not start on the right path with our Meditation4All program?

We are arranging a number of free workshops for 2016, and the first one is coming up quickly.

On February 22nd, we are hosting a workshop at the Mulberry Branch of the New York Public Library. It is called Zen For Busy People.
As a part of our Meditation4All program it is free to everyone.
So take a look on our calendar at the Simple-Truth website for the 22nd, or copy the information below:

New York Public Library – Mulberry Branch

Monday, February 22, 2016
5:30 pm – 6:45
10 Jersey Street
New York, NY

We look forward to an enjoyable and enlightening evening and year ahead, and it all starts on the 22nd. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out at It will be a bit of short guided meditations, a bit of conversation, and a lot of AHA moments all around.

We look forward to connecting in 2016 and to seeing where it will lead.

Enjoy the start of your year and be well,

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Mindfulness in the mainstream: an old solution to modern problems

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This Is Your Brain and Body on Yoga and Meditation: 4 Powerful Scientific Findings

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What does it feel like to experience your brain rebooting after a seizure?  

Find out here...
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