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Let's talk about D&D, about all the good things and the bad things that can be.
Let's talk about D&D, about all the good things and the bad things that can be.

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Once again +Gilbert Isla​ came through with a great transaction. My buddy who had the Night Life book when we were kids was here when the package came so I got to blow his mind.

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So Impact Miniatures makes these dice that go even numbers up to 24. Thinking about keeping on going past d12s instead of adding +1 modifiers, demon rolling a d16 feels more bad ass than d12+2, and kinda works with Rifts battling gods type thing.
Has anyone messed with this?
What about an edge that increases Ace range on the big dice?

So I've been running a game that has about 25 players (not coming all at once, 8 has been the most at once). Started off with +Forrest Aguirre 's Through the Silver Scream, and am now doing Keep on the Borderlands. +Stewart Wilson, DON'T READ Anymore of this.
So here's the question, how to apply corruption from serving the lords of chaos while in the caves of chaos? The majority of players are pretty firmly throwing their lot in with Chaos, so what I'm thinking is while inside the caves, particularly vicious acts will be rewarded with corruption. Thinking maybe throwing some positive effects in there too to balance things out. Like goblin baby kidnapped! OK make a luck check, Bad = Corruption, Good = Chaotic Enhancement.
Anyone do this sort of thing, or even better made a blog post about it, like tables to steal?

There is a small press comic convention in Cleveland called Ghengis Con. I was talking to the organizer about doing a small press RPG side bar. People would get a table to sell their stuff and we'd run games in an on demand type setup, people walk-up, get paired to a judge.
It is the Sunday after Thanksgiving in Cleveland Ohio. Would anyone be interested in doing this? Drop a comment if you would, and share if you don't mind with anyone you think would be interested. I think table space will be free. +Adam Muszkiewicz​, +Jason Sholtis+Tim Snider+Doug Kovacs​ (unless you come out for Con on the Cob, which is a couple weeks before I think)

Reading Twilight of the Solstice by +Marc Bruner to get ready to run it Friday. Only at the introduction, but shit, digging it. "A monument cautioning against the madness that lies just beyond understanding." You are poking my acid damaged brain parts too hard!

So everyone going apeshit on Stranger Things D&D, but what was up with that needing a 13 to cast fireball? Gets my goat, not as bad as "I;m a 23 level Dungeon MAster", buts still. Umph dat!

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Good One tonight.
The West Fogtown Traitors (not Traders) (pictured below) were posted up in their new base, a warehouse armory that the weird shadow cult called a cave because religion stuff should be witchy. Eggfart (far left) had wandered into the woods with Old Crazy Mimi to catch an old dog. She never did. Mimi was pissed at her though because the rest of the group got Mimi's house burned down by a posse from West Fogtown out for justice and revenge. So a little beaten and bruised Eggfart finally caught up to the rest of the group. On her way there she saw that the Carnival Cruise Ship that was the Boat People Base had moved and was now near the Magic Cave / Warehouse. The Boat people hadn't been able to attack because Leslie Nielsen (center right) had set up radioactive beams as a perimeter defense.
But the group heard a scary whir that they had heard before, when the Boat people fired their big boat guns at the group's old village (the one that sent the posse before).
So Mr Jingles (right) along with his minion Bohla hopped on his horse, Leslie got on his bike, and Eggfart and Ally (center left) got on a tractor and they all beat it out of there, making their way to the Arboreal Town. They were given a shed to spend the night in, but were told not to leave after dark. A prior visit they stole some shit (but nothing provable) and talked some shit (asshole-y but not that braggable) so they were having an eye kept on them. Little did they know the boat people had already made a deal with the Arboreals!! Hold on for more on that.
Mr. Jingles decided to do a little bit of poking around before hunkering down in the shed for the night, and while he was out he saw Orpheus, a drunk from their home village. He is sorta like the drunk guy in the movie Dagon. Mr Jingles lied and told Orpheus he was Leslie Nielsen, which worked because Orpheus remembered liking Leslie. Mr Jingles also got ORpheus stoned. So they headed back to the shed.
The real Leslie Nielsen was tinkering away at a radiation ray gun that would be a secret weapon against the Boat People. When Orpheus asked him his name and was told LEslie he got a little confused, but Mr Jingles got him more high, so that smoothed everything out.
Orpheus brought news from West Fogtown. The Fogtown Traitors' old companion and Ally's adoptive mother, Ophelia had been tried for treason and executed. (They had been warned about this starting to happen a few times back, but forgot to try a rescue.) The whiskey making family the Cartwrights had consolidated power in what was left of West Fogtown, but an Underground Council had begun meeting to plot their overthrow, the defeat of the Boat People and a renewed regional monopoly on whiskey. So soon the underground council would send a force to the Arboreal town and blow up the Arboreal distillery.
The Traitors decided to help with this plan, and came up with an uncharacteristically insightful idea. Instead of blowing up the distillery, they would sour the mash and frustrate the Arboreals into giving up on whiskey making to restore West Fogtown's past importance.
No one was very sneaky though, what to do? Ally finally decided to throw her lot in with the Magnumbra (creepy shadow people worshipped by the creepy shadow cult) and cast Patron Bond, using a can of tuna sharp edge to slice herself up for some spell burn to make the ritual extra good. Everyone else (except for Olalicky Been who missed this week) is NOT COOL with the Magnumbra so she was a little cagey about what she was doing.
The MAgnumbra answered her call and accepted her fealty and granted her a power to walk through shadows. So she snuck off to the distillery to put tuna, salt, mold, batteries, a cat turd and weed killer into the mash.
With great stealth Ally arrived to the vat undetected, and threw all of her shit into the vat.
"Hey what was that splashing?"
Ally thought about magic missiling these dudes to death, but then heard "You know I sure do love my family. And my dog, I don't know what would happen to them if anything bad ever happened to me." So being a softy Ally let them live. They dumped the mash which would delay the next whiskey batch, but the cunning plan was thwarted by a hint of kindness.
Gonna speed through the rest because I've been typing this forever now. Mr Jingles got caught by the Boat People when the Arboreals tricked him into coming to their observatory to check out a Red Comet. They took him to their Carnival Cruise ship and asked him to kill Ally to prove his loyalty. He didn't want to do it until he saw a hologram of Eggfart beating up his minion Bohla.
Bohla just wouldn't stop talking about her lord and savior the Great Honey Badger (who is secretly an agent of the Boat People).
Leslie road out of town on his motorcycle cause he was getting sick of everyone's shit. A Boat People Cylinder landed in front of him, a door opened and he instinctively knew to hand over his Radiation Ray he'd been working on. Fortunately for him, but probably unfortunately for everyone else, he managed to keep some plutonium. Now he is working on building a nuclear bomb.
Ally took Orpheus back to West Fogtown (she would be unrecognized because she spent 20 years in another dimension learning magic, so she was a kid when the Traitors left a few weeks ago.)
Orpheus had a note (pictured below).
Also drawings from our campaign picture book, Eggfart Selfie, Boat People, and Ally meeting a Shunned. Ally has a Jason mask because Mr Jingles and Leslie Nielsen both accidentally shot her in the face.
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Thanks +Wayne Snyder​!

+Gilbert Isla did a great job of packing up a bunch of stuff and sending it fast, with bonus goodies. Thanks, great transaction!

In my Friday night game the Ranger has cozied up to a Cult of Shadow and their extra dimensional patrons, the Magnumbra, scary shadow people. No one else was really on board with this alliance. That has changed after the Technologist and Cat Creep have repeatedly fired into melee and shot the Wizard not once but twice. The Wizard has decided to shift allegiance and cast Patron Bond with the Magnumbra. "Rob and nick both shot me in the head!!! I wanna fuck them up"

Think next session will be a good one.
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