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Let's talk about D&D, about all the good things and the bad things that can be.
Let's talk about D&D, about all the good things and the bad things that can be.


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I made this zine with my Friend Todd Jakubisin. It's a comic adaptation of Charon by Lord Dunsany. Hit me up if you'd like one. $5 or trades/
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At Weird Realms in Cleveland, Ohio +Jeff Goad is probably going to be running something, and I will likely run a goofy apocalypse crawl too. Or maybe Inferno Road 2 hell comes ripping.

Last night was a great free for all in which the characters of Chaos tried to kill their companions. What follows is the recounting by Galaga a Neutral Cleric of Thaen Dal, god of justice.

Seborrage (cleric of the Toad Fiend Bobugbubilz) knew things had changed.
The sacred mission that he had dedicated himself to (the destruction of a lizard man altar) had been accomplished by another acolyte of the Lord of the Swamp. Seborrage sought the other out. Whether it was actual devotion that motivated him or fear of being replaced in the foul hierarchy of the Toad Fiend' s court, only he knew for sure.

Seborrage came upon the chief pawn of the Toad Fiend. The mad wizard formerly known as Kid, now risen as Bile Pit the Swamp Christ. Seborrage placed his holy symbol in the empty cavity that formerly housed Bile Pit's mortal heart. Foul vines surrounded the revolver (brought from another dimension) which would serve as the swamp christ's heart for the remainder of his mortal existence.

In a ceremony that could only be described as nauseating, Seborrage baptised 3 new cultists into the thrall of the Toad Fiend. The new initiates, in their ignorance, were partially physically devoured by carnivorous tadpoles as their immortal souls would be devoured by the servants of the demon throughout eternity. Seborrage himself was marked by the ritual. With his pale amphibian flesh and his constant cough he would never again pass for a human.

The new initiates were as follows: Pippa (of the fleshless arms), and Gorgler who did not survive the baptism. Finally there was Horatio Fancyfeet (now dubbed the wise) who had the sagacity to escape.

Sensing the intense emanations of chaos and law Galaga approached the cultists. A reckoning was nigh. After his vision of the true nature of the Toad Fiend (courtesy of the Frank) he could not tolerate the presence of his faithful on the journey to the home of Ken Blaze.

The disciples of chaos were not amused.

The cultist' s attacked using their foul power against the unconverted. Bile Pit wove his spells with deadly effect invoking the Toad Fiend who sent a giant toad from under the earth to devour Galaga (spell burn). Bile Pit then cast a devastatingly potent spell (Also spell burn) and the flames emanating from his hands immolated several of the brave souls who sought the spoils of a life of adventure.

Galaga could not withstand the inferno, nor could Bernigal Baretoes. Both were felled. With both Pippa (killed by Baretoes with a savage suplex 2hich left the upper half of her body submerged in the wet marsh) and Seborrage (downed by ?) dying, only Bile Pit and the several nascent adventurers who opposed him remained standing.

Bile Pit further indebted himself to Bobugbubilz by summoning a toad demon (that would arrive to do his bidding in one turn). In payment, Bile Pit promised the Fiend a pair of human feet which, considering the amount of fresh corpses he had created, seemed like a sound bargain.

It was not to be however.

The servants of chaos crave what power their jealous fiends will bestow upon them. The mystical potency channeled through Bile Pit's maloderous heart was not enough to save him from an as yet unamed farmer who ran him through with that ever reliable tool the pitchfork.

Despite the death of his minion Bile Pit, the Toad Fiend demanded his payment directing his foul servant to devour Bile Pit's corpse.

With the battle ended , Galaga's body was rolled over revealing him to be alive. Galaga healed himself and Bernigal Baretoes as well. The bodies of the two remaining cultists were burned by Galaga so that they would never be returned to Bobugbubilz.

The new allies embarked for the spire of the Frank.

Their journey was immediately interrupted by a force from the Keep who were six men strong. Sent to find the source of the disturbance, the lawful horsemen questioned the party as to the nature of the disturbance. Galaga led the soldiers of the Keep to the remains of the cultists. One of the remains happened to be the holy symbol of the cleric Seborrage which had once served as the heart of Bile Pit. Against the advice of Galaga, the captain of the horsemen retrieved the relic. While he could not perceive the exact result of the effect, it was apparent that the relic maintained an unearthly power that should have been respected.

The captain of the horsemen did not agree. Perhaps his faith in Zuesifer was so absolute that he did not recognize the true power of the relic. As the soldiers rode away, the power of the relic began to affect the captain changing him irrevocably (into a paladin of chaos according to the Frank).

So there's that.

The Frank also informed Galag that they did not actually receive his memories and that they just wanted to humor him.


Apparently, the telepathy of the Frank only broadcasts information and is not capable of receiving it in the same way.

So, there's that too.

As it stands now, the party who will undertake the journey to the house of Ken Blaze are as follows;

Bernigal Baretoes
Helga Haymaker
Jonathan Owen

Once again +Gilbert Isla​ came through with a great transaction. My buddy who had the Night Life book when we were kids was here when the package came so I got to blow his mind.

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So Impact Miniatures makes these dice that go even numbers up to 24. Thinking about keeping on going past d12s instead of adding +1 modifiers, demon rolling a d16 feels more bad ass than d12+2, and kinda works with Rifts battling gods type thing.
Has anyone messed with this?
What about an edge that increases Ace range on the big dice?
Impact! Miniatures
Impact! Miniatures

So I've been running a game that has about 25 players (not coming all at once, 8 has been the most at once). Started off with +Forrest Aguirre 's Through the Silver Scream, and am now doing Keep on the Borderlands. +Stewart Wilson, DON'T READ Anymore of this.
So here's the question, how to apply corruption from serving the lords of chaos while in the caves of chaos? The majority of players are pretty firmly throwing their lot in with Chaos, so what I'm thinking is while inside the caves, particularly vicious acts will be rewarded with corruption. Thinking maybe throwing some positive effects in there too to balance things out. Like goblin baby kidnapped! OK make a luck check, Bad = Corruption, Good = Chaotic Enhancement.
Anyone do this sort of thing, or even better made a blog post about it, like tables to steal?

There is a small press comic convention in Cleveland called Ghengis Con. I was talking to the organizer about doing a small press RPG side bar. People would get a table to sell their stuff and we'd run games in an on demand type setup, people walk-up, get paired to a judge.
It is the Sunday after Thanksgiving in Cleveland Ohio. Would anyone be interested in doing this? Drop a comment if you would, and share if you don't mind with anyone you think would be interested. I think table space will be free. +Adam Muszkiewicz​, +Jason Sholtis+Tim Snider+Doug Kovacs​ (unless you come out for Con on the Cob, which is a couple weeks before I think)
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Reading Twilight of the Solstice by +Marc Bruner to get ready to run it Friday. Only at the introduction, but shit, digging it. "A monument cautioning against the madness that lies just beyond understanding." You are poking my acid damaged brain parts too hard!
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So everyone going apeshit on Stranger Things D&D, but what was up with that needing a 13 to cast fireball? Gets my goat, not as bad as "I;m a 23 level Dungeon MAster", buts still. Umph dat!
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