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MirrorMePR (MMPR), Award winning public relations agency specialising in country, equestrian, canine and luxury brands. Representing quality brands is what we do and love!
MirrorMePR (MMPR), Award winning public relations agency specialising in country, equestrian, canine and luxury brands. Representing quality brands is what we do and love!


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Everyone’s on it, but not everyone knows how to use it. What are we talking about? Social media. Here are MirrorMePR’s top eight social media marketing reasons for ensuring that your band has a strong social media presence:

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Ashley Rossiter, former fashion and celebrity stylist and MD of equestrian, country, canine and lifestyle PR and digital marketing agency MirrorMePR takes a look at the Badminton trot-up ahead of this year's Badminton Horse Trials.

It's no surprise for me to see how the Badminton Horse Trials Trot Up has gradually over the years become a fashion catwalk for top riders. With all eyes on the riders, the opportunity to win 'best dressed' as voted for by 'the people' X Factor style through numerous blogs and social vox pops has grown and grown. Every year, we wait and watch. For equestrian fashionistas, it holds the same anticipation as the Oscar outfits (just more flats than heels and less floaty and sequined!). We've seen wardrobe malfunctions and wardrobe with wow and woe but the great thing is that we are starting to see the riders expressing their unique personal style through their choice of outfit.

One theme that always reigns supreme is tweed and choosing the right tweed is key and co-ordinating your tweed is even better. Choosing the right footwear is essential: flat and fabulous, and I love the new emerging trend for hats and small fascinators. Yes, we want to compliment the horses and not detract too much from the whole point of the trot up, but I really enjoy watching the fashion as much as the horses.

The rise of social media has also created the perfect platform for riders to build excitement about their outfit and prep those equestrian bloggers and bloggers who are eagerly waiting to review their choices!

After many years spent styling celebs for the red carpet, I wonder if we will ever see a day when riders will start using stylists. Watch this space!!

Image shows Timothy Foxx Sponsored Rider, Olympic Event Rider Gemma Tattersall in the trot up at Badminton wearing the brand's distinctive tweed:
Photo by Sebastian Oakley

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They say that having an apple a day will keep the doctor away, but recent research has shown that owning a pet can considerably improve your health as you grow older, and as experts in canine PR London, we wholeheartedly agree.

So what benefits has all this research thrown light on? Well, the most obvious one is that when you own a dog, you have to walk it right? Well, walking is great exercise and being out with your dog means that, regardless of your age, you always end up chatting to other dog owners in the park!

Most people will walk their dogs at least twice a day, which is double the exercise that most elderly people get, so it’s no surprise that this has a great knock-on effect on health.

We would also add that the benefits of having a loyal companion by your side are hugely beneficial. Not only do you have a friend to share the sofa with, but you also have a constant responsibility. Caring for someone or something gives you purpose, as well as a reason to get up in the mornings, which is why animals are also used in therapy for people suffering from depression and anxiety.

As we mentioned earlier, the social aspect that having the same pet as someone brings is also a significant factor, a common thread that connects people of all ages and from all walks of life. From dog walking in the park, to a yard full of horse owners, animals allow us to connect with each other through a mutual appreciation and ensures that we always have a topic of conversation that we never grow tired of.

We know from personal experience how important pets are. Our team here at MirrorMe, experts in canine PR London, have had a pretty varied collection of pets, which includes: dogs, house rabbits, cats, rats, lizards, and a giant snail named Susan. However, regardless of fluff, scales or slime, all of these pets give us a unique sense of belonging and comfort, and quite frankly we wouldn’t be without them!
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Country Fashion Trends Hot Off The Catwalk!

The MirrorMePR team never stray too far from their fashion roots and with London Fashion Week showcasing future trends, the MirrorMePR team pick out the hottest trends for autumn and celebrate our client’s great style in our latest blog…


As far as we are concerned tweed was never OUT of fashion (We salute Vivienne Westwood) but this autumn it is certainly back in style in a big way, and we love the way it’s being re-worked with florals, tartan, and leather. Sharp tailoring and details are key for this trend, and we are in love with the new Timothy Foxx Trinity Jacket which ticks these boxes beautifully.


British equestrian overtones were seen all over the catwalk and with long leather riding style boots worn with tailored equestrian jackets, crisp tailored ruffle shirts, and silk scarves, we know the perfect accessory to compliment this look is our client, BHOID’s beautiful silk scarves. Inspired by the countryside and luxury. Add colour and instantly update any outfit with this stunning Ettrick Scarf.


Wrap up warm this winter. We are super excited that quilting is back on trend (Just because we are always out on location in the elements) we just love this gorgeous new quilted coat from Equetech . We love the designer details on this jacket including the equestrian inspired zip pulls, faux fur trim hood, and high collar.


Big and bold is the story for jewellery and earrings need to echo this story. We adore these Sylvia Kerr Jewellery Blenheim Earrings Beautifully simple in their design and a classic we will want to wear for years to come.


Red is THE colour for winter, and we adore the options from The Spanish Boot Company. Easy to wear and a great way to add a pop of bright colour to your winter wardrobe, we need these! We are also lusting after these Paragon Equestrian Red Faux Fur Pom Poms , which you can add to your own riding hat silk. We’re also tempted to buy more, get creative and update a wool wrap or scarf during those long dark winter nights
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Tips For Having Your Pet At Your Wedding

Having your pet at your autumn wedding might sound amazing, but you need to do some serious planning ahead if you want your fur baby or slippery friend to celebrate with you! Here are five crucial tips the MirrorMePR team think you will need for your big day.

Make sure you check with your venue BEFORE booking that they are happy for you to bring your pet to your wedding day. The most common pet at a wedding is a dog, but if you are thinking of something slightly more unusual, such as your pet rat, snake or even horse; then this needs to be cleared by the venue before you pay that deposit! If you are staying at the venue, check they are happy for your pet to stay over (if this is something you want to do). Also bear in mind that it’s autumn, which means mud, rain and high winds. To keep your wedding whites, white, plan the location of your photographs and interactions with your pet carefully!

While you may adore your pet, each of your guests invited may not share your love, worst still – they might have a severe phobia or allergy to your pet! Giving your guests the head’s up on your pet’s special appearance is very important ahead of your RSVP.

It’s all very well having your beloved pet there on the day, but you need to designate a member of your wedding party to look after them. He or she will need to be fed, watered and need regular toilet breaks; ensure you choose someone who is happy to undertake this responsibility.

Having your pet present during the day and the chance to add that ‘AAhhh’ factor to your wedding photos is all very well, but most pets won’t like to party in the evening. As the drinks start to flow, the combination of loud music, all day drinking and children letting off steam is not the best place for any animal. Make some prior arrangements for your pet to be either picked up by a pet sitter and taken home; or if you are staying at the venue, ensure that he or she is tucked up in bed with some home comforts while you enjoy your wedding celebrations.

Finally, as much as you love your pet and want him or her present, if there is even the slightest risk that they might bite someone or find the whole experience stressful and unsettling, then you may need to rethink your plan. If your pet is not the sociable kind, another alternative is asking a friend to bring him or her just to the ceremony portion of the day; allowing a few photos of the three of you to be taken at the venue before they head back to a pet sitter. If you really want them in your wedding photos but they just won’t be able to cope with your wedding day, why not set up another shoot day with your wedding photographer? Dress up in your wedding outfits at a location where your pet will feel much more relaxed, it will make all the difference to the quality of the images you achieve! You could even have some fun; for example, one equestrian couple the team know here did a post-wedding day shoot with their horse in his field, and instead of formal footwear, they wore wellies! The resulting pictures were stunning and quirky!

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