Today we’re rolling out a new feature that makes the Google+ bar float at the top of the screen when you scroll down. It also floats differently on big vs. small screens to maximize reading space. Let us know what you think in the comments!


Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Andy Hertzfeld and I'm a designer and an engineer on the Google+ team.

One of my favorite features of Google+ is the black "plus bar" across the top, because it unites all of Google, putting most of my frequently used services a mere click away. The red notification count on the right lets me know when there's something new to view, and the drop-down sharing menu makes sharing to your circles accessible no matter what you're doing.

Unfortunately, like most users, I spend most of my time scrolled down in the stream, so the plus bar is usually not on the screen, so I don't have quick access to it. Today we’re fixing this -- let me show you.

We're rolling out a new feature that makes the plus bar and the thicker, gray navigation bar below it float at the top of the screen, so they're always accessible no matter how far down you've scrolled.

Of course, screen space is precious, especially on mobile devices, and we don't want to take up a large percentage of it with controls, no matter how useful they are. So we made the floating bar sensitive to the available space in the window.

Here I’ve made the window a little smaller, so notice that only the black bar stays on the screen when I scroll. Now I’ll make the window even smaller yet, and you’ll notice that now neither bar stays on the screen when I scroll, giving you maximum real estate to read your posts.

We've just started rolling out this feature, so you'll see it appear over the next few days.

Thanks for listening, and let us know what you think!
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