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Nick Titchener
DJ, Photographer, Writer, Promoter, Event Manager, Rigger, Crew Member, Stage Manager - and lately, sometimes ill.
DJ, Photographer, Writer, Promoter, Event Manager, Rigger, Crew Member, Stage Manager - and lately, sometimes ill.

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Off to Merkaba, Myhotel, Brighton for 9pm  to play some excellent funk and disco infused tunes to accompany the always awesome cocktails. 

Come along for a drink, a boogie, a chair dance - or all three....

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Peter Von Sleaze and I have recently launched our "Sophisticate Mischief" event / DJ thing - and if you want to hear the sort of nonsense we play, you now can, via this link - you can stream AND download it.

Remember, it's all about the music and having fun, not the mixing (which will become obvious soon enough, trust me)

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I've just been reading this report about celibate clergy on the BBC News site...

It was all going fairly well until I got to this section, with it's absolutely superb example of  inverse nominative determinism...

"Many people simply cannot imagine, purely on a physical basis, going their whole life without sex of any kind...


...Father Stephen Wang, dean of studies at Allen Hall Seminary, says it is a sacrifice that many priests manage. "It's possible when people have an inner maturity and the faith and support structures are in place." For him it is no different to the challenge of a husband trying to be faithful to his wife.

There is no celibacy get-out in the form of masturbation, says Wang. "For every Christian, masturbation, sex before marriage and sex outside marriage are wrong and something you shouldn't be doing.

"Masturbation is forbidden for every Catholic. The reason is that it makes us more selfish, more introverted and less able to open your heart in love to other people."

You couldn't make it up. Unless someone has...

Increasingly tired of f---b--k. Am I now officially* old?

*NB I have been chronologically old for, let's see, how long is it now? It seems like ages - come to think of it I believe it started on a Wednesday - you know, one of those glorious Summer days back when it didn't rain all the time and we never had droughts and we could all leave our doors open without fear of murder or robbery. Or both - or neither. Sorry - what were we talking about again? Immigration? Don't get me started on immigration....

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This is #357 in reasons I hate politicians...

In this case it's Labour peers - including some extremely fat fat-cats - deliberately scuppering a desperately needed bill simply to score points. Screw the reforms - we're going on the telly...

Just a quick note.

I am probably best described as a "skeptic". This does not mean that I reject things other than proven and accepted norms out of hand, rather that I will investigate anything (including those norms) that requires me to "believe" it, before jumping on board. So, should you want me on board, be prepared to show me the proof or leave me alone, because we'll only argue.

I am more than happy for you to hold whatever beliefs you may so long as those beliefs are not causing harm - i.e. western homoeopaths currently working in Africa claiming that homoeopathy can cure and prevent malaria and that other medical treatment is not required. If you're doing that kind of thing, expect an argument anyway.

Right - that's out of the way. Now to concentrate on fun things...

I really must try to use this site/resource more.... Need to get used to it so I feel comfortable here - at the moment it still seems alien and odd, but with luck that will pass. Or maybe it won't, who knows?

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Get a ticket - it's going to be great, and where else can you see all this talent for £12.50??
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