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SFrom USA Today

Suspect named in killing of Houston deputy

My prayers goes out to the family of this officer and many other people who have lost their lives so much has changed from one day to another all lives matter no matter what color we are no one ask to come into the world but we all are here for a reason I pray that we all get along with each other may God keep us all safe doring our jobs day or night I have always wanted to be a police officer but could not make it because of taking care of my kids at that time I still thank about it now days but it real bad in the world now days some people do not care for others or for themselves to men and women who serve and protect please be careful I care about everyone in the world iam sorry for the lost of your coworker God Bless.

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I myself had a brother that was a police officer, we speak our minds thank you and God Bless, take care.
Buffalo, NY: Mrs. Holloman-Horne is the police officer who in 2006 was involved in an altercation with former fellow police officer Gregory Kwaitkowski that got her fired and has denied her access to her pension and benefits ever since (petition linked below).

Because the New York State & Local Retirement System (N.Y.S.L.R.S.) and the Buffalo Police Department have teamed up to keep her from what she has well-earned after nineteen years of dedicated and professional service with the B.P.D.

By all accounts Officer Holloman-Horne was a career civil servant and an outstanding officer of the law. Dedicating herself in the nineteen years that she had had with the police force for Buffalo, NY. to protecting and serving the public at large.

A true policeman’s policeman and someone who would give of her time and attentions selflessly without cause or reservation. But on 01 November 2006 suddenly all that hard work, dedication, sacrifice and service was brought into question when in response to a domestic disturbance call she became involved in an altercation with fellow officer Gregory Kwaitkowski.

An altercation which led to her termination and then Officer Kwaitkowski’s life on easy street.

According to Cop Block, Officer Kwaitkowski received his full pay, benefits and pension while Officer Holloman-Horne was fired and has been denied since about 2008 access to her benefits and pay. Additionally she has been denied her pension and is forced to work as a truck driver to provide for her family.

And although Officer Holloman-Horne has no regrets and would do it all over again she shouldn’t have to.

You see she is just one of many police officers in that ‘thin blue line’ doing the right thing for all the right reasons. Risking life and limb daily for you and me only to be told, “Well you, you can’t stop a fellow officer for beating and then choking an already handcuffed suspect. You can’t keep that officer from ‘investigating’ the matter further. Spending that all-important quality time in that space that exists between a left hook and a nose bone. You can’t interrupt that quality time Officer Holloman-Horne and because you did, well, well your fired and you’re under arrest for obstructing justice and assaulting a fellow officer of the law…”

Fast forward to today. Folks we have a real opportunity to help Officer Holloman-Horne here. To help her and her Family to get her pension and benefits that she has and they have well-earned.

It would be one thing if Cariol Holloman-Horne broke the law, really and truly. Obstructed justice and assaulted a fellow officer in-the-line-of-duty. She should be found wanton and remain there. But she was simply trying to stop the assault of a fellow human being who was handcuffed, subdued. In police custody.

Instead all she was doing at the time was responding to a ‘officer assist’ call. And in the process got her teeth knocked out by a right hook that would make ‘Marvelous’ Marvin Haggler envious.

She deserves. Her family deserves better. Tonight this petition was started on on her behalf. Please. Please. Please. Sign this petition to N.Y.S.L.R.S., New York State Comptroller DiNapoli and New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo to help get her Pension! She did nothing wrong, and her family should not have to suffer any longer than what they have.

And then, after you sign the petition, please, please, please share this story with your social media circles on Cariol and her Family’s behalf. Thank you.

Much More Later…


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Very nice

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Good morning to everyone even dough it, is cold outside, its still a good day, enjoy.

I think that he should be giving a chance " because there 's nobody on this earth that is perfet ,we all have done wrong somewhere in our lives ,besides there are 12 people total not 1, everyone have a good day ,God Bless.

I like your stale ,pictures are great.

Nice picture of the little one

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Feelin' great.

Good paint job thats something different
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