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Exploring life one awesome thing at a time
Exploring life one awesome thing at a time

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The Pixel - Made by Google
Introducing Pixel, Phone by Google. I have an iPhone and I didn't think there was something that could make me change my allegiance, however this forces the thought.  Apart from the ad, which I thought was very 'new'...see what I did there. I think the spec...

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GoPro HERO5 + Karma: Just Take all my MONEY NOW!!!
GoPro’s founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman, introduced a new line of HERO5 cameras, cloud-based software, and drone, Karma, to international press at the base of Squaw Valley, CA, near Lake Tahoe. And I can tell you that it looks amazing. One thing GoPro do ...

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Here comes the Premier League
The time is almost upon us come Saturday the 13th of August the wait will be over. The Premier League will return. And what’s more is that this season is promising to be more spectacular than ever before. With Leicester winning the league last year, it show...

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South Africa stand up and take action
As the great man Nelson Mandela said;  "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".  Infographic by Chapter 2

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Oh London just stop it
I have been living here for a while now and I have fallen for the old cliché. I am a huge fan of the view over Westminster Bridge. I mean who doesn't love a giant click. It tells the time….and well it is big. Big Ben to be exact.  But enough about that. Thi...

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The Uber vs Addison Lee War Gets Better
Being something of a tech nut myself I do enjoy the London landscape. I mean in South Africa when Uber arrived it was a god send, just because there was no alternative. In London however we are blessed with so many options. Black cabs, Gett, Hailo, Addison ...

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London in the Autumn
There is something magical about this city no matter the season. Take time to explore this place, there is history and some awesome around every corner. 

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6 Reasons Why We all Need a Time Machine.
These days we live in a world where there are just to many people, the world is to small and getting lost is easier than in the days without a compass. When our parents were young, let alone our grandparents, they lived in simpler times. Don't believe me, w...

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As I watch my country burn...
It is hard to be away from a country that I love so much, it is even harder when you see the smoke starting to rise from what seems like an ever increasing normality, but what makes it harder still is when someone asks why I have not stayed to fight. I did ...

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Win Tickets to the Rugby World Cup Final
As I walk the streets of London there are many things that catch my eye. Big Ben, Big Red Buses, the London Eye....and wait what was that that just drove past me. A South African flag just drove past me with a #RUGLEE on it?! With further investigation I fi...
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