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I went down the rabbit hole of DRM in eBooks, I want my time back! The Santa Clara County Library (SCCL) gives you access to eBooks from both 3M Cloud Library and Overdrive.

Which is a good thing, since the coverage in titles has little overlap. The bad thing is wanting to have books from both providers on a Windows 7 laptop. You can forget about Linux here, Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) only works on Windows or MacOS X.

There are two parts to ADE, really:
1. The library (as in, the piece of code that implements an API, not the place that contains books :) ). This library can be used by eBook providers to manage the authorization part (DRM).
2. A GUI tool to manage your books if you want to, and also to manage authorization.

How does ADE work? Each eBook is tied to a particular account, either a provider-specific (3M or Overdrive), or a generic one (the Adobe ID that's used in all Adobe products). Both 3M and Overdrive have an option to tie their account to a user-provided Adobe ID, instead of a system-generated one.

And theoretically this should work fine, except that:
1. The ADE GUI only allows to authorize one account at a time. This is pretty stupid, given that the GUI can show all the accounts that are authorized; extra authorizations can be done using the ADE library, which is what the 3M software does.
2. Overdrive does not have a Win7-compatible software that allows you to tie your Overdrive account to your Adobe ID. They only have it for Win8+.
3. Overdrive does not have an option on their website to tie an Adobe ID to their account. Only their 'apps' do.
4. The SCCL website does not have that option either.

So as it is, the only way for me to read eBook from both 3M and Overdrive is to de-authorize one when I want to use the other. All of this because of some stupid DRM and shitty closed-source software.


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I relate to 99.9% of the content

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This is a much better ending to The Force Awakens.

Yay they did it! Just saw Falcon stage1 booster land on "Of Course I Still Love You", awesome! Congrats #SpaceX

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Me love silliness

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Awesome, Falcon 9 Stage 1 just landed back in Cape Canaveral. Congrats SpaceX!

The awesomess is at 32:25 on this video:

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