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Steam powered.
Steam powered.

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This is an interesting movie from 1937 showing various snow removal techniques used to keep alpine railways open in Switzerland.

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A few shots from the very short flight (30 minutes) from Geneva to Zurich.

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I was in Switzerland last week. I got the opportunity to photograph an interesting phenomena: when the wind, rain and temperature are just right, the coast of Lake Geneva gets covered in ice. By the time I got there, the ice had mostly melted in downtown Gneva, but driving up to Versoix we found this beautiful display.

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A few shots from Pigeon point, CA.
Taken with a Fuji XT-2. 

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I took my Olympus OM-1 SLR camera apart. A common issue with this camera is some light blocking foam that disintegrate over time (the camera is about 40 years old) and reacts with the silver coating on the prism.
I cleaned the mess up, thus putting a halt to the damage.
I also was curious about the metering circuit as it doesn't work on my example. It appears that someone had open this camera before as some parts found in the service manual are missing in my camera. There supposed to be a circuit that overrides the normal exposure when the light level is very low. Those parts are simply missing!
I unfortunately undid one too many screws and dislodged the galvanometer which turned out to be a nightmare to put back together. Its readings were all the the place before, so I can only assume that's it's basically totally wrong now!
Anyway, using an external meter, the camera still works perfectly fine.

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I recently ordered a couple of slitting saw blades for my Sherline milling machine. I somehow managed to not order a harbor to mount them onto the mill!
So, I made one. The only material big enough to fit the 3/4" thread that screws onto the mill shaft was quite large but my bigger lathe had no problem cutting it. I used the same 10-32 cap screw that Sherline uses throughout their machines for holding the blade: this way, I can use the same Allen wrench.
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The Lego Caterham has power steering.
It's a tight fit and will probably break the first time its driven on a bump higher than a sheet of paper, but it works!
I had to use an old Technic motor as tge power function ones are too long. The body is too narrow for rack and pinion, so it uses a cam and follower mechanism.
The only way I could remote control it would be with non Lego RC and battery parts. For now it has a wired controller.

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Motor and dropped drive shaft are in the Lego Caterham.
Next up: steering. This might take a while to figure out...
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The Lego Caterham has a differential; next up: adding a motor.
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