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Is this supposed to be happening when I go to

I have no idea if this is Carbon or not, but y'all have been good for ideas before.
I have Google Voice feeding my texts to Hangouts via Voice+. Recently I noticed that I'm not getting text notifications in Hangouts if I'm on my data plan - I get home and all the messages show up as soon as WiFi connects. Is there a setting in GV, Hangouts, or Carbon that could cause this? I know when the messages are coming in because Chrome tells me at work, but they don't show on my phone until I'm home.
I'm on the 5/15 nightly if that makes a difference. 

I605, May 15 nightly
Voice+ is present in my Settings app list, but I have no way of finding and opening it. I restarted before activating it when first prompted, and haven't been prompted again. 

Device: VzW Note II i605
Build: userdebug 4.4.2 KVT49L 32516db81c test-keys
Since installing KitKat I can't use the screen during calls. If I have Bluetooth on the screen stays on, but otherwise it stays dark and takes four or five presses of the home button to come back on, if it does. Regardless, I can't use the screen at all, to end the call or pull up the dialer. I've tried recalibrating the proximity sensor, nothing works.

My thanks to anyone who's seen this issue and has any idea what's going on.

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Come do something ridiculously fun this weekend! Over 200 activities, including a Dr. Who live fan-film recording, working robots (Star Wars droid and a K-9 unit), vendors and artists from around the country, professional voice actors, and more! Many fun and creative people to met - we had 3,000 people there last year. Visit for more info!

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I'm on my second playthrough of +Dishonored  and, while the first time I was doing zero kills and as much stealth as possible, this time around I'm rocking the zero-reload. So far I've finished the first mission and while I already have a kill count in the teens, it's much more engaging - the penalty for stealth failure isn't just lost time, but using up my resources (health potions, crossbow bolts) and risking further escalation. I'm wondering how high my Chaos level will go, and what effect that will have. Watching heads roll around on the ground is somehow more effecting when I know it didn't have to go this way.

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I suppose it was inevitable, really.

So I was thinking about one of the central conundrums in trying to make a strong narrative in an ongoing tabletop game, which is the concept of a central protagonist. In your Hero's Journeys, your bildungsromanen, even your pulp stories, you often get a strong, varied group of characters, but one person is the focus, often more powerful, usually with a "destiny" or a drive, and who more than anyone pushes the story forward. My Dresden group experimented for a while making one player the "main" character in that his story hooks and motivations generated most of our adventures, but it still pretty much ended up the usual ensemble once things got rolling. So, I was thinking, make the character an NPC. Have each character provide some role - mentor, protector, love interest - relating to the main character, and make sure the main character is played to the hilt with the qualities he/she represents, whether that's the Chosen One coming into her powers, the wide-eyed innocent learning to be an adult and a hero at the same time, or the private eye who blunders into one back alley after another. The issue there is that you get a more on-rails feeling as the protagonist essentially forces the rest of the "supporting" cast into reactive roles.  So, I was thinking about the Fate system (in keeping with Dresden). In Fate, characters, places, even situations have aspects that can be "tagged" to influence the narrative and bring about a result. You do this by spending Fate points, and gaining Fate points when you play along with your own aspect to your own detriment. It's fun and it rewards players for being in character. This would also provide a mechanic for every player to jointly control a protagonist without anyone getting antsy about one character being more important or powerful than all the others. It encourages cooperation, and complicates narrative in just the right way. I need to find a group for this...

Got +Windows 8 RC installed on my new +Lenovo ThinkPad tablet. I know I'm already something of a Win8 apologist, but after an hour or so of fiddlin' around, this is seriously the most effective touchscreen UI I've used. I want to see customizability and app support come in, but the gestures, the pen support, and even the desktop mode just click so much better when you can use your fingers.
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