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Heather Strachan
Political Consultant, Photographer, lover of all things Mac.
Political Consultant, Photographer, lover of all things Mac.

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There have been more clashes here in #Istanbul and in #Ankara this morning.  The situation escalated yesterday when riot police moved into #Taksim Square to drive out protesters. We were present for that crackdown and saw what happened during it, and what followed.

Watch my report in the clip below. 

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Public v2.0 of My new G+ Resolution (like New Year's but everyday!): Reaching Out.

I will attempt to personally engage with more photographers on a regular basis. With G+ growing so quickly, especially among artists & photographers, it's easy to get overwhelmed, tune out, just +1 everything that comes up on my screen, and never really get anything out of the G+ experience except some (really, really) pretty photos on my stream.

There are just so many people doing so many wonderful things I want to see, so many great photographers, that it's difficult for new folks to stand out. +1's are great, but if that's all we regularly do, that's not really engaging at all. It does nothing to help me understand the person behind the post. With such rapid growth in this community, I think it's going to be those willing to reach out, person-to-person with others on their streams who are going to make G+ what it should be, what it's meant to be.

We've all heard the back & forth, especially w/ +Trey Ratcliff's post about some preferring +1s over repetitive comments and why he likes the engagement of comments over +1s. I was of two minds on this until just this week when my G+ started blowing up w/ 100+ new people adding me, rocketing me up to nearly 400 followers (hi! I'm working on checking out profiles, and I'm glad to meet you.) Nowhere near the numbers of the "big names," but still enough to overwhelm considering it took me 4 years on facebook to build my friends list to that level. I'm not a big name in social media or photography, and I tend to work behind the scenes on campaigns, so this level of networking for myself is a bit new.

I'm not one of the most prolific posters... as a freelancer in politics, most of my time is not my own. Catch me around November 2012, and I'm likely to try to outsource my sleep. Anyone w/ their own business understands this. So I'm hoping to make the most of my posts while getting engaged in others' as well.

P.S. Sorry to those who've seen this twice and commented on the other one. I meant to post publicly & accidentally limited it. Absent a way to edit visibility, locking the other one & reposting publicly was the only workaround I could find.

With a heat index of 117°F, I've had to cancel some outdoor shoots, so now just working on older photos. I've gone unescorted to sketchy places (like Sinaloa, Mexico), fallen off moving vehicles for photos, & spent hours in -10°F trudging through snow to shoot hoarfrost, but this is where I draw the line. So photographers: where do you draw the line? Have you ever had to draw one?

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My sentiments exactly, Doug!
G+ for Photographers' Conversations

Google Plus has captured the attention of thousands of serious photographers, myself included. I think I've figured out why. There are lots of "photo sharing" sites like 500px, Flickr, etc. But while those sites show me terrific images, they don't give me a way to engage the people behind who created them. On g+ I've met (through Hangouts, posts and comments) hundreds of photographers. By following my Photography circle, I see great new images all day long. But best of all, I'm engaged in real conversations. If I add a comment, I'm part of a ongoing discussion in a way that just seems to work better than Flickr, for example, because the conversations is built into my social stream. And Hangouts are even more personal. I've met dozens of great photographers from around the world. I can look at their images while I'm chatting with them. We can share tips and techniques. Best of all, once the Hangout ends, I've got a face and a voice that I can remember as I continue the conversation. It works particularly well for photography because of the mix of images, text and audio/video. I wonder if there are other communities that have sprung up that are as robust and valuable here on g+.

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Can you tell me how to get to +Sesame Street? This makes my inner 5 year old, very, very happy!
G+, where the "+" is pronounced "rover."

Photogs: I really need a better camera strap. Saw +Lisa Bettany's cross-body one on the Mostly Photo photowalk vid, & really want it. Lisa (or anyone!) can you tell me which that is? I do lots of flooding, inclement weather stuff lately, & hand or wrist straps make me uneasy.

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Felicia Day shared this, so I'm sure you've all seen it multiple times, but he's coming for your innernets +Leo Laporte! TWiT just needs This Week in LOLCats to make it complete.

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A great explanation of how b&w photogs view the world. I don't agree w/ those that say a shot should or shouldn't be one thing or another. But b&w is all about light, the essence of photography. Once you get used to seeing this way, try some b&w film (I like Ilford XP2 Super C41 as you can get it developed anywhere and it has a wide exposure latitude.) For a while I spent quite a bit of time trying to emulate the qualities of my favorite b&w films in PS, and finally realized I'd rather take out my Elan 7E and just shoot!
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Getting Started in Black and White Photography

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And for the Windows folks:
Prism will extract your favourite web pages and allow you to run them outside the browser as mini-apps. It occurs to me that the best way to describe this is that it's like shortcuts on steroids.

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For all my fellow Mac geeks, Fluid (SSB) works great with G+. Nice & fast, doesn't weigh down Firefox this way. I know lots are using Chrome, but it's been hanging on me all the time lately.
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