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Rapid prototyping
 Another piece of making for College of Wizardry. I was asked if I could make some badges from the logo on the IC website. This neatly demonstrates how good a 3D printer is for 'rapid prototyping' even with a simple thing like this. The first step was to ta...

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Kiosk setup on a Raspberry Pi running Jessie and the Pixel Desktop
I've started playing around with embedding a PI with a little 2.4" screen into a prop and I've noticed all the howtos for this kind of thing are old and don't apply circa March 2017. Now we have the Pixel desktop it's very similar but you need to edit the f...

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Magic Wand
Elina is off to the very high profile LARP College of Wizardry at the end of March and there's been a lot of gathering of costume and props for it. She showed me a wand that one of the players had made with a bare LED at the end that lights with a push/push...

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More laser
Having bought a CNC engraver I got very caught up in messing around with the optional laser module. I'd previously not considered a cheap diode laser would be worth having, especially due to their reputation for rubbish software. However once I'd played wit...

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Miniature particle accelerator
In a conversation with a friend about making a compact very retro computer thing, the old 'pocket' CRT TVs from the 80s sprang to mind as a good option for the display. It seems they're available for little money on eBay and nothing says retro better than a...

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Going fully open source with the CNC engraver
I've been playing with the CNC engraver and discovered a few things. First up is the controller is based off an Arduino Nano running open source code (grbl) but running an older, stable version (0.9). Another is that the z-axis was miswired, even for the so...

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Hi folks. Much as I hate to be a 'first post is a question' person I've been playing around today and simply can't get any life out of LaserWeb. I installed it on a fresh Raspberry Pi 3 following the install guide on the Wiki...

...when I connect to it, the service has started as I get the UI but it's non-functional with the warning 'Socket Closed' in the Jog tab, which I assume means some other component of the server didn't start correctly.

While I'm usually OK working stuff out I've never touched nodejs or LaserWeb before so I don't even know where to start looking. A grep of /var/log just shows up messages showing the service starting/stopping. Is there somewhere else I should be looking?

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A productive evening
I've had a good evening of mostly tightening M3 nylocs. Eventually after about three hours my desktop CNC engraver went from looking like the first picture to the second one. There were only a couple of moments of retracing my steps. The set of picture inst...

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Desktop CNC unboxing
It's been a while since I posted. Mostly I got involved in running a LARP, which sucked a lot of my energy through August and September then suddenly it was Christmas. Speaking of which, my present to myself was one of these tiny desktop CNC mill/engraver/l...

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Leap second anybody?

London ambulance service hit by new year fault -
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