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Jon Bloor
Corporate lawyer, sailor and ukulele strummer
Corporate lawyer, sailor and ukulele strummer

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The modern day equivalent of the "if a tree falls in the forest with nobody to hear, does it still make a sound?" question:

Do animated GIFs on Google+ carry on animating once they scroll out of sight?

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Brilliant... I should send more telegrams!
After discovering my senator, Dianne Feinstein, had no Twitter account, I sought a more low-tech to communicate my displeasure over her PIPA support. Wow, no Facebook or Google+ account, either.

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Surely this has to be something from an episode of the Simpsons?...
Burger with bacon and fried eggs served with a glazed doughnut for a bun!!

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Oh Dear... Google+ = LOLCats+?!
Adding funny text to photos

Adding a few words can turn a silly photo into a ROFL, or draw attention to what you find most interesting. Today we're rolling out a feature that makes it easier to add big, bold text on top of your photos.

To try it out, drop a photo into the sharebox on Google+, then click the "Add text" button underneath the photo. Type in something funny, then share and enjoy.

This feature will be rolling out over the next few days -- I hope you enjoy it! :) We'll be keeping our eyes on the stream for the funniest examples, so have fun! #funwithphotos #googleplusupdate

We made a few to get you started:
Adding funny text to photos (5 photos)
5 Photos - View album

Can solicitors be social? My views on the Law Society guidance note:-

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Why lawyers and email don't always mix!

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Will MS Office make it on to the iPad next year? My thoughts on what it should look like if it does.

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Not my Facebook page obviously... that is boringly lacking in anything which would upset Father Christmas!
It's official! Due to the Lerner Laws and Regulations Concerning Christmas and Other Holiday Media, I haven't been able to post anything Christmas-y at all. Until now. Thought I would share since it appears an overwhelming majority of us are anti Faceybooks and #LordZuckerbeast. 

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Plugging my blog post about LinkedIn on Google+... is this all getting a bit silly?!
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