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The MP3-in-the-cloud decision (that it's okay for mp3 locker folks to dedup their collections) is another nail in the coffin for the idea that your music collection is a specific set of files. Your music collection is a playlist. If you're using or Pandora, your music collection isn't even that--it's this amorphous set of machine-learned preferences and similarities that will predict the kind of stuff you will like. Is that it? We're going to throw out our music collections and replace them with a matrix of weights derived from principal component analysis of streaming history data?

I think the two will continue to exist: certainty and serendipity are both good things, and there's a time and place for each. If I'm wooing, my mixtape should be a solid artifact, something where I know what I'm getting (and giving). If I'm stressed, I know the KLF's "Chill Out" will relax me. I don't want a random set of music liked by people who liked Chill Out; my associations are specific and personal. When I work, I have a playlist of Baroque instrumental music that keeps the tempo of my work up but doesn't interfere with it. But if I'm driving then surprise me, give me something I might be delighted to learn I like.

Serendipity doesn't kill certainty. I'm pretty sure of it ...
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And if you've tagged your music collection with MusicBrainz, you can express it in the form of nothing but MBIDs. Which makes backing up your music collection a snap. :)
Many people have innate desire to own and collect things, the reasons for which are partly rational but also partly deeply irrational. It is interesting how this need is conflicting with technologies that allow for ubiquitous access to media via pay-per-view, subscription or ad-driven models.
As long as I get to team uncompressed full quality audio, I don't care where the actual files are. What I object to is accessing compressed files from the cloud that replaces my lossless encoded files.
So how does one get an invite to join G-Music?
I have some G-Music invites if anyone wants one, email my name at gmail.
+Antony Kuzmicich I would but I don't have your email address ;-) However, mine is Oh and thanks! :-)
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