(NZ politics alert)

- socially liberal (do not demonize teh gays or teh unwed mothers)
- comfortable paying taxes to get strong state-provided health and education
- fond of making money and not automatically against those who make money
- protective of our marine and land environment, and the legacy of healthy abundance that we hold in trust for our descendants
- of the opinion that some assets are too important to be trusted to the short-term returns mindset of the private sector (Kiwibank and power generation, for example)
- a user of and advocate for technology and its role in society, culture, and the economy, so having a tech-literate party is important to me

Who the hell do I vote for?

I'd love to vote for National but their track record on the environment is piss poor, I don't trust their intentions with healthcare or assets, and none of their number want to talk about digital issues beyond cliches. Labour had some of my votes in the past, but they're beholden to their union supporters, MPs in the party have revealed a self-view that doesn't include me ("oh no, we're the party of the poor"), and Clare Curran has been the lone carrier of the digital flag. ACT can't govern themselves let alone the country, even if their libertarian wingnut ramblings weren't from an entirely different planet to the one I'm on. I've never seen myself as a Green voter because I'm not a vegan and I like money, but has it come to that?

(This all prompted by http://sciblogs.co.nz/hot-topic/2011/08/27/new-opencast-mine-permitted/ )
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