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Tim Jenkins
I will change your life.
I will change your life.


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Yes please.

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This is a blog I often write for, and they just hit their 300th post. Good times.

It is not our “choice” or “belief” but Christ’s faithfulness that brings salvation. When we were slaves to our flesh, he gave himself over in obedience, staying God’s wrath toward sin. #holyweek

Paul to the Romans church: "You gentiles chose your lust, and we Jews failed to keep Torah. Equals in our depravity, Jesus’ faithfulness brings salvation and adoption as God's children to all." #holyweek

So, uh, Harlem Shake, right?

Froot Loops with Marshmallows. Frosted Toast Crunch. Dulce de Leche Cheerios. I had no idea they'd made so many ridiculously sugary cereals.

In honor of Baltimore's win I'm going to rewatch The Wire.

Nothing says Super Bowl like drinking absinthe. #ridethelicorice

This is one of the few times I am rooting for the Ravens.

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