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The experts in functional training, rehabilitation and sports performance.
The experts in functional training, rehabilitation and sports performance.

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We're getting inquiries about our 3 Day Summits already, so here they are:

Orlando, FL: June 1-4

Providence, RI: June 22-25

Chicago, IL: July 27-30

Long Beach, CA: August 24-27

We hope to see you there!!!

#performbetter #pbsummit2017 #fitfam

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High-Performance, No BS Correctives
by Dan John

"Corrective work can be anything from hands-on work like chiropractor adjustments and massage to rolling on a lacrosse ball. Of course, it can also be basic stretches or simple gliding mobility moves. Doing mobility work is important for everyone.
Now, telling me that your special brand of mobility work is going to cure cancer or disease (or regulate the ascending colon, as I was told) is a bit suspicious, if not downright idiotic.

So yes, I want to know how to better move my neck, but closing one eye and moving my neck isn't going to cure a necrotic hip, no matter how much you spent on that certification last weekend."

#danjohn #ftlauderdale #performbetter #tnation

Don't miss Dan John speak at our 1-Day Seminar in Ft. Lauderdale on April 1st!

Get your early bird special here:

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Integrating Hip Mobility with Core Stability
by Eric Cressey

"...I want to introduce one of my favorite "combo" drills for hip mobility and core stability.

I actually came up with the lateral lunge with band overhead reach myself in the summer of 2012 as I was thinking up ways for our throwers to have better rotary and anterior core stability as they rode their back hips down the mound during their pitching delivery.

I introduced the exercise in phase 2 of The High Performance Handbook, and got several emails from customers who commented on just how much they liked it. Give it a shot!"


Eric Cressey is in the lineup for our 1-Day Seminar in Boston. Get the Early Bird Special price by registering now:

#ericcressey #hips #performbetter #boston

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Why We Don’t Squat
by Michael Boyle

"I’ve unfortunately become famous ( or infamous) on the internet for my views on lower body training. A friend asked me if I could briefly explain my thoughts so I wrote this up.

The question of why we don’t squat has both simple and complex answers. The simple reason is that we found the back squat and front squat to be the primary causes of back pain in our athletic population.

At any point, in any season, approximately 20% of our athletes would be dealing some kind of back pain that was either caused by squatting or exacerbated by squatting..."

Boston! Mike will be speaking on March 18th for our 1-Day Seminar.

Our Early Bird Special price is still available, so get it while you can:

#performbetter #boston #mikeboyle

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