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Amy Martin
An Interior Design student that wants her own home to be a cozy one.
An Interior Design student that wants her own home to be a cozy one.

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...taking a break from this space. ...not really sure if or when I will be back.

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{where i'm at...}
via facebook via pinterest via pinterest ....just some thoughts I'm thinking.  ....maybe it's a mid-life crisis. ....maybe my soul is just ready to grow.

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{thursday thought}

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Whoever said "lightning never strikes the same place twice..." ...was full of shit.

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{slowing down.}
I've got a little garden growing...reminding me that good things will come to those who wait. I've got a jar of sourdough starter growing and thriving on our kitchen counter...reminding me that waiting for treasure is way better than instant gratification. ...

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{8 years.}
That's how long I've been his wife. That's when we said "I do." He was 21, I was 22. It's been beautiful. It's been real. It's been everything. It's not always a fairytale. We almost lost the happily ever after once. But you gotta fight like hell, and if it...

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{me. in a nutshell.}
I found this on pinterest, but it led me to this lovely blog.

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{recipe: rainy day chili}
 {It was a kinda-cold, stormy day...and that makes me want some chili.} ingredients: 2 lbs. ground chuck 1 red onion, roughly chopped 1 can tomato sauce 1 can fire roasted (diced) tomatoes w/ green chilies 1 can pinto beans 1 can dark red kidney beans 2 tbs...

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PERFECTION. ...and of course, I also adore the Duchess.

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{Good Friday.}
via pinterest.  {from the Gospel of Luke:} 13-16 Then
Pilate called in the high priests, rulers, and the others and said,
“You brought this man to me as a disturber of the peace. I examined him
in front of all of you and found there was nothing to your c...
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