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Disable Audio Level Auto-Adjust in Google+ Hangouts

Many of you know that I hosted a 9 hour musical hangout on Saturday. I did a good lot of DJing, we talked a lot about the current state of music, discussed how I produced, and I even made a song live.

But during that entire time, My hand was constantly adjusting the audio level going into the hangout to try to prevent clipping but still keep it at a solid audio level. And even still, it was unavoidable in many situations that the audio would glitch or clip or even just be far far too quiet.

But musicians, performers, film makers, and obsessive compulsives rejoice, for there is a fix for this problem in Windows. (Be warned, it includes registry edits so those who are made uncomfortable steer clear. But this particular change is fairly innocuous, so you needed fret too much.)

First, Close your browser or any other programs that are using your microphone.

Open Regedit
Navigate to
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Talk Plugin]

In this section it should have a string value named "audio-flags" with a value of 3

Change this value to one so it reads like "audio-flags"="1" or as seen below in the picture.

Once you've done all this you can open your browser and launch googletalk/hangouts. I've noticed that if I ever open the hangouts settings tab to adjust any settings it does reset this setting. So be prepared to do it over again if you do that (and subsequently reset your browser).

(I've included a streamlined .reg file to help make this go faster for you, but it comes with no warranty or support and you use this fix or my file at your own risk.)

[Thanks to +Dave Meralus for showing me this fix]

Edit: +Shane Corning pointed out this fix to the problem in Linux
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This was such a pain in the ass for me the last few days. An awkward solution, but it is a solution, and I am grateful.

I just cannot imagine why, as mature as Google Talk is, the folks at G don't just make automatic levels an option. I don't know about Y! Messenger, but Skype and Ventrilo allow you to toggle this. They should just declare this a WontFix, at least, so people stop asking.
FYI .. This is happening on the Motorola Zoom. Any Ideas ...
i dont have an audio flags option
no just keep tolerating flawed software then scratch your head when everything is flawed
This is insane that this problem still exists.  Why have they not added a setting for this?  Thanks for the registry fix, but the fact that i would have to constantly do this every time i want to change which mic or speakers i'm using completely kills the usability.  Skype, here i come!
I hear you- problem is Skype doesn't have anywhere near the fidelity-  but you get what you pay for I suppose- I've only found one other solution that sounds decent (DMR) but its a pay for service and I just don't use it often enough to justify the money. Anybody else have free alternatives?
Man another  +1, this thread is like the Energizer Bunny... (and I guess Google has not fixed it yet lol)
Win8.1 owner here and the Reg setting for the plugin states 15 now instead of 3 (whether that's down to the operating system or the new google talk I can't say). Setting it to 1 seems to have worked though!
Is this fix only for Windows 8 users? I've got two friends on Windows 7 that don't have any audio- string values at all. It doesn't look like there is any way for them to apply a registry change to their Google Talk installation.
Sorry about the late reply (been busy away from Google+), but thanks William, will give it a go!

BTW one thing I've noticed is that sometimes Google Hangouts automatically changes the Microphone input setting to Default Device when you plug in a new mic . In my case this happens whenever I plug in my Editors Keys mic, and when Hangout is set to Default Device I can't disable the auto-volume adjust, it kicks in regardless of my audio-flag settings (1 or otherwise). The fix is to select your mic in the settings menu and then start a new hangout party (but you'll have to go back into regedit and set the audio-flag to 1 first of course!).

Something to bear in mind anyway in case people are having problems!
Sadly, I had no google-talk registry folder. Any idea how to solve it? (creating google talk with audio-flags on 1 doesn't work, it still boosts my mic volume when my younger brother is speaking)
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