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+Jeffrey Van Camp wrote in Digital Trends "WebOS is slow. We aren’t sure why, and most speculate that the TouchPad hardware may be to blame, but it’s been slow on every HP and Palm device so far,"
The answer (keep reading I'll tell you how) is that Debug logging was left on and you have to enter code to turn it off, once you do that WebOS is as fast as most everything else running on comparable hardware. Why HP did this I don't know but then why HP does a lot of thing lately is mystery to me. (though the slew of weird decision coming out of there must be a sign of Trouble.)
How do you turn off Logging you say? on Web OS 3.02 use this method

1.Go to Settings, Device Info
2. Touch Device Info in the upper left corner and touch Custom Application...
3. type ##5647#
4. A pop up will appear (change logging levels)
5. Touch "Set Logging to Minimum"
6. Confirm

Enjoy the happy speed
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Wow. I just tried this and so far apps appear to open twice as fast. Thank you for the tip.
No problem. glad I could help, the instructions currently on the web are for older versions and are slightly different as 3.02 does not have the dial pad. Now if I could find me a 99.00 touchpad I'll be set! I was using a demo model HP sent to my company for eval, I sadly missed the low price boat :(
Jeffrey thanks for the name mention in your Article the other day. That made for some fun water cooler /cubicle cred the other day at my office.
Hey no problem. I meant to shoot you a link. Thank you for the inspiration. That's been one of our most popular articles all week now. And my TouchPad runs really fast now.
WooHoo, Fantastic!
Now what do I do for an Encore? ;D
Excellent - I just tried it and it does work. Thanks :)
Very good, I've noticed a difference but still quite saggy. Know of any other tips since you posted this?
argh! The auto correct is funny I meant laggy not saggy :-P
There is still lag when opening apps for the first time. This must be a problem inherent in webOS. Is this the lag you're talking about?
Yeah, I was guessing that may be the case, but even when I am in apps there still seems to be a delay. I have found your article and have made some of the changes suggested, and now I seem to be experiencing problems with "having to many cards open" when I currently only have two!


Ignore the last comment, however on your article I am unable to complete your last suggestion as the feeds are now "obsolete" or so it says when I try confirming it!
Hmm. I may have to update the article. I'll look into it.
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