+Jeffrey Van Camp wrote in Digital Trends "WebOS is slow. We aren’t sure why, and most speculate that the TouchPad hardware may be to blame, but it’s been slow on every HP and Palm device so far,"
The answer (keep reading I'll tell you how) is that Debug logging was left on and you have to enter code to turn it off, once you do that WebOS is as fast as most everything else running on comparable hardware. Why HP did this I don't know but then why HP does a lot of thing lately is mystery to me. (though the slew of weird decision coming out of there must be a sign of Trouble.)
How do you turn off Logging you say? on Web OS 3.02 use this method

1.Go to Settings, Device Info
2. Touch Device Info in the upper left corner and touch Custom Application...
3. type ##5647#
4. A pop up will appear (change logging levels)
5. Touch "Set Logging to Minimum"
6. Confirm

Enjoy the happy speed
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