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Hapa Appa - I ask a lot of questions.
Hapa Appa - I ask a lot of questions.

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I got put in Facebook jail, and I'm addicted to microblogging? Are we still calling it that?

At any rate, I watched a video where a white dude and a black fella were having a beef. Verbally. The white dude inevitably called the black fella the N-word, and caught hands. Like, some real good hooks. Top quality punishment.

A caucasian girl said, "this is what the second amendment is for" (to kill black people I guess?), and then said, "The best thing to do is to walk away."

I responded to this perfect stranger, "The best thing is that cracker will have to think twice before mouthing off."

And yup, that's what landed me in The Corner to Think About What I Said. Not her implied threat of shooting, but me using one of the blandest slurs ever.

But that's cool. I knew that in Facebooklandia they pay wage slaves (poorly) to use their weak automation tools to root out such flaming hate speech.


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Episode Eight: Representation

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Let us know what you think!

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I want to tell you about what I know about a man whose name was Laston Kirkland. I didn't know the man personally, exceedingly well. I never, for example, went to his home, although he had been to mine a few times and we broke bread.

He had a lot of opinions this gentleman, big sweeping ideas. Sometimes he talked too much and other people fidgeted because they wanted a turn too. But now I'm glad he got stuff off his back and out of his mouth because he can't do that as well anymore.

That's because That Bastard Cancer took him away from us.But we're not talking about That Bastard Cancer today.

Today I will tell you this: Laston's big vision that he shared with me was a huge community center, but with a specific emphasis on technology, building and engineering. He wanted to see a modern Boys and Girls club with woodworking, 3-D printers, lessons & lectures and hands on building. He wanted to inspire the next generation in dreaming the next Big Solution to the world's problems, and that my friends is a worthy vision.

Laston died before he could make that happen, but his Maker spirit is thriving in the cracks here and there.

I told you that he couldn't tell you his stories as well right? Well I didn't say it was impossible. You can buy his words at Amazon. Oh right - I didn't tell you: not only was he a father and husband and technologist, he was a writer too.

Be well Laston Kirkland, we'll see you in the Hereafter sooner or later.

At our bus stop there is a bus shelter. It is ostensibly there for people who prefer not to get buffeted around by wind and rain.

However, our bus stop has developed a peculiar micro-culture. Instead of using the shelter, people will queue up in a line outside said shelter, sometimes getting drenched.

I don't particularly care about the line. I head into the shelter. When the bus arrives, I segue in approximately when I arrived. (actually this rule was enforced by my better half).

Twice a well heeled dude has muttered "asshole" when I've done this and today I confronted him. His reasoning, "You gotta go at the back of the line." When S. said that we took our place he said, "Not everyone will do that."

So. Whose wrong? Am I, by bucking the micro-culture and breaking the rules and possibly encouraging others to do so?

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When the trailers for Disney's "Big Hero 6" came out I was really happy - it looked like a great movie (and it was!), but I also groaned when I saw their character "Fred". To me our character "The Slacker" was just about identical. 

I had a shift of heart though, even though "The Slacker" was designed months and months before the trailer came out and Fred was his doppelganger, I came to realize that instead of feeling weird that they looked so similar, I should be happy. 

Why? Because the name of the game is TROPES, as in cliches, and here we nailed it: The Slacker has a universal image. Truthfully both The Slacker and Fred probably owe a debt of gratitude to Scooby Doo's Shaggy.

You can have fun playing with The Slacker and his eleven friends when you back Tropes!

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Friends! The card game that I've been working on with my crew is finally ready for Kickstarter, we launched yesterday and broke $1k! 

We need to keep this ball rolling, so please share and pledge - thanks!

(btw: if you're interested in how we got here, you can see our progress at

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We are live, go forth and back us for epic success (and a hell of a fun party game).

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Come see what we've been working on for a couple of years - our Kickstarter goes live at midnight, June 1st!

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