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Its all about solving puzzles
Life is a puzzle, and for many years, its easy to get trapped trying to solve it - rather than go with the flow, and enjoy it. We have many demands placed upon us - which can be hard to ignore - but, I don't think u can under-emphasise, u need to do what ma...

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20 yrs, goes by so quickly.
Now the Global T20 has been postponed, the 'punctuation police' have had to call up re-inforcements, as I have a little more time to annoy people. I saw a tweet from someone who had quite a knack for this : Nick Leeson Nikkei225 at highest level today since...

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Patience - Ignore the idiots
A few things in this post. 1. What a bunch of clowns, Cricket South Africa are. All they have to do, is be nice to people, arrange a few cricket games, and reap in the money. Due to an odd sequence of events, they are currently playing a series against Bang...

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Life goes on
I am still here, but, am genuinely  getting more enjoyment from non-internet based activities, and have accordingly, greatly reduced my social prescience, and thus the blog has suffered. The world is still an odd place, we have a President of the United Sta...

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Hustle ..
So, I caught a 10.00 am train to London, expecting to get there, maybe 2 hrs, before a cricket game was starting. I paid an extra £2, to sit in 1st class .. which, I couldnt complain about, and a young lady came and sat at the desk, to use the power outlet....

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Getting older .. and its implications
By definition, we are all getting older .. But, when u crest a certain age, new things happen to you. In the last 3 days, I have been stuck on multiple trains/tubes, which are standing room only, baking hot, as no aircon etc .. and have been offered a seat ...

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Betfair USA Youtube channel
A lot has passed me by recently, mostly concerning honesty and honour, and its just too depressing to comment on. A post in the Bet Angel forum, peaked my interest. With certain legislative moves being made in the USA, with regard to sports betting, its goo...

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Windows Vulnerabilities
During my trading career, (15 yrs), I have ... knowingly, 3 times been hacked. Once, my email was hacked, and a bank account number, I was supposed to pay £3k into, was changed, to another .. so, the hacker, got the trf. Pretty sneaky, and clever .. if u ig...

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Roadblocks ..
So, there is a thread on Bet Angel, re a trader who has decided to call it quits. Hes 20 yrs old .. grew a bank from 1k to 10k, then lost all of the winnings, in 1 day. Hes decided to quit .. and the thread has run to 5 pages. I am now, tired/jaded and not ...

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Tennis Balls and High Blood Pressure
This blog hasnt re-invented itself, but, here is a health tip. Recently listened to a podcast, where they analysed the blood pressure of ultra-fit fighter pilots. Some had high blood pressure, some low. It seemed random, but, u would have thought, they woul...
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