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Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know, that i am going to start updating the webui i previously developed to work with version 1.3. I have seen a few requests for a login screen, so i will get that implemented. I also have gotten a personal version to work with samsung smartthings and google home.

Webui functionality:
turn on/off all the lights
turn on/off individual relays
create playlists
play playlists
play individual songs
change the volume
view/update the settings
schedule actions to occur at specific events/times

smartthings/google home functionality:
change volume
turn lights on/off
play a song --need to figure out how to specify a song/playlist

Any other feature requests?

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My Webui branch has been updated to fix an issue where songs with spaces in the title would not play. Now songs can have spaces with no issues. Anyone willing to test this out can grab the code below. Thanks!

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Updated my webUI again to include saving the settings back to the pi and ability to turn on/off each relay individually. Testers welcome! Thanks goes out to Chad Brochard for his code on this topic. I used his implementation as a base and modified it as needed.

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I think I updated my branch to support audio in, the only thing is i cant test it since i don't have an audio in device. Can someone who does test this for me?

OK everyone. Just updated my bitbucket to auto install a crontab entry to start on reboot. Special thanks to +Kirk Dube​ for being my first beta tester and proving that the install script works. Just make sure is executable

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Added several bug fixes and enhancements for cached/offline access on my branch. Should be stable. I have mine running from chron, so i need to look into why the script isn't working since it should be installed when is ran. Mine worked but some people report theres did not.

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My webui has been updated to utilize application caching. This will allow you to load the webpage even if the pi is unreachable or off and it will automatically tell you when the connection is restored to continue. Also added a 'restart pi' and 'shutdown pi' option.

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Updated my webui branch again. This time I added the ability to play the live audio on the browser it self. 

Anyone have any experience playing audio using context buffers in JavaScript? I am trying to live stream the audio that is playing on the pi. I have it so it will play but it sounds like it is playing back too slow. Like the voice are deeper and the music is pitch shifted lower. Any ideas anyone?

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I have uploaded my new version of the webui to my bitbucket.  There are probably bugs in it, so try at your own risk.  This one has the scheduler in it.  I just added a new piece to the file to add it to the cron to run on start.  it runs on port 8080.  This does NOT have audio in or SMS support.
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