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Need some ideas... Planning the next adventure for my D&D group the basic idea is: Ancient wizard was entombed in a complex built by his 5 apprentices. Each built and sealed the next layer of defense independent of one another, then disbanded. The hook will be something along the lines of, the ghost of an adventurer presents several pages of his research since he can't use it anymore.. The idea is that the pages contain some ideas and hints as to the location of each apprentices tomb and therefor the location of each key to the final wizards tomb.

The help I need is coming up with the last location to build off of... some examples i have already:

1- One apprentice was an elf-lord. He is entombed in his ancestral lands - PC's will need to figure out where this is in order to find the tomb and get the key

2- Necormancers lair. Located someplace in the mountains

3- (My fav) The city/town of the apprentice is submerged PC's need to get to it - Plan is to have the solution be a gnomish inventor that has built some sort of diving bell/submersible

4- Location is fairly simple. Ruins below a temple - this is tied to some PC backstories.

So the final apprentice's location... any creative ideas for where it can be?

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