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William Yatscoff commented on a post on Blogger.
Very cool Rowena!

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I wrote an article on Squidoo. It is alright, but plus one this anyways!
Who, Where, When, Why, What Should I Read Next?

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We are looking for guest posts on Bookkaholic Literary Magazine.
We are looking at publishing related articles in regards to trends, genres, etc. Feel free to send me a message for the topic you'd like to write about.

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Hey I am here to say hi. I started Bookkus Publishing. Crowd sourced publishing.

I was curious if anyone has any tips to get into radio or tv spots?

Anyone here every use Netgalley before?

I was thinking about writing a post on our blog named: '10 Reasons Writers Should Abandon Facebook and Start on Google+'
Was wondering your thoughts on why Google+ is better than Facebook.
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