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Punny, honest and shamelessly me
Punny, honest and shamelessly me

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Circumcise the Foreskin of Your Heart
Yep, I just used the word "circumcise" and "foreskin" in my title... anyone else feel uncomfortable?  LOL!!  Are you crinkling your nose?  Well, me too!  My husband joked with me and said "hey, you should submit this song to the local Christian Music Statio...

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Do Not Think I've Come to Abolish the Law or Prophets
Matthew 5:17 is a powerful statement by our Redeemer that whoever does the Law and Prophets and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom, whereas those who take away from it even in the slightest and teach others to do the same will be called least....

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What is Written in the Law? HOW Do you Read it?
Luke 10:25-28  is a great example of Yeshua (Jesus) confirming the words of the Father. He points us back to words of Life (which He embodies/manifests) and makes sure that if we are reading the Father's instructions (Torah/Law) with a heart that earnestly ...

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New Covenant Promise - Law in our Hearts
The gospel message of our Hope can be summarized in the New Covenant passages such as Jeremiah  31:31 -34, Ezekiel 11:19-20  and 36:26-29 . Paul echoes the voice of the prophets in Romans 8:7 when he confirms that our fleshly/earthly nature is at enmity wit...

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Do & Observe Whatever is Read from the Seat of Moses
Matthew 23:1-3 are words in red. Our Redeemer, Yeshua (Jesus) taught that whatever is read from the seat of Moses (where Torah/Law) was supposedly read from, is to be done and observed. He then commanded in Matthew 28:20  to teach the nations to observe eve...

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If You Don't Believe Moses' Writings, How Will You Believe My Words?
John  5:46  are powerful words spoken by our Redeemer Yeshua (Jesus). In John  14:24 , He confirmed that the Word He was teaching was not His own but "His who sent me." This is in fulfillment of YHWH's promise to Moses in Deuteronomy  18:18  that someday He...

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Feasts of YHWH vs Traditions of Men Part 2: What is Deception?
Good morning!  I feel giddy.... like I've just walked over to your place and knocked on your door asking "Hey!  You wanna come out and play?  You wanna go for another walk with me?  That's the beauty of a testimony, isn't it?  You don't have to subscribe to...

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Dream: The Fortress and the Tree
It began with cold water at my feet... about mid-calf... all around. I was walking through it, the gentle swooshing sound with each step.  The water was so crystal clear... and then a word: "pristine".  It was as though the water had come from a glacier or ...

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Feasts of YHWH vs Traditions of Men Part 1: It's About the Heart
It's that time of year again... the holiday season.  It has become a unique time for our family.  A few years back, the LORD lead us (despite my reluctance) on a journey of questioning the origins of Christmas and whether it is a festival that honors Him or...

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New Van Modification for Izzy
Hello out there! As I mentioned in my last post, this past Spring, it was made evident that a new method of transportation was needed for the well-being of Isabel.  The breaking of her femur was a huge motivating factor to bite the bullet financially and go...
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