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Compassionate Care in your Home
Compassionate Care in your Home


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13 Reasons to Choose Sheraton.

Other Agencies won’t answer your calls after hours. Sheraton has a 24-Hour call line with a representative ready to answer your call. This line is open 24/7 including Public Holidays.

Other Agencies won’t be transparent and act in your best interest. Sheraton will always act or mediate in the interest of our clients. Taking care of your business is our business.

Other Agencies will not allow you/family to participate in the plan of care. Sheraton Care Managers will gather information from Family Members, Social workers, Physicians, Nurses at times the patient to create the best suited care plan to promote quality of life and rehabilitation of the patient.

Other Agencies will leave your problems unsolved. At Sheraton, concerns are relayed to the office staff and we act on your behalf to find solutions to problems to ensure a pleasant and continued care.

Other Agencies will talk and scandal about their clients. At Sheraton, we are sworn to Client Confidentiality and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance.

Other Agencies will treat you too cold and too professional. At Sheraton, our focus is not only the patient. When a patient suffers so too does their family and love ones. Sheraton observes that wellness and rehabilitation are at times elements the need to exist in patient’s family as well.

Other Agencies will not respect your property. Part of Sheraton Risk Management, Licensing and Accreditation Standards, Sheraton and all its employees hold valid workplace liability insurance for damages incurred to client’s property resulting from Care Services being carried out.

Other Agencies do not prioritize their clients. At Sheraton, we always put our clients and customers needs first. Our purpose is to serve you with Compassion, Integrity and Transparency.

Other Agencies won’t support their workforce. Sheraton Managers provide constant supervision of Clients and employees by use of management tools, Daily Reporting logs and Shift Verification Software that captures Clock ins, and tasks performed during visits. Caregivers undergo number of educational steps at Employment Orientation, Client Care Plan Orientation and Ongoing In-service Programs. Licensed CNAs by State are required to renew license every 24 months.

Other Agencies will not allow you to dispute a bill or Paycheck. It’s simple just give Sheraton a call and let a manager know your concern and he/she will get to the bottom of it for you.

Other Agencies will charge you extra fees for visits. As part of Sheraton Quality Assurance Program, a promise we made to you, our managers will call to make sure everything is going as planned, conduct scheduled visit and at times unscheduled visits to make sure our customers are kept Safe and happy without extra charge.

Other Agencies always changing their rates and policies to suit their working capital and will charge you high interest if you don’t pay on time. Sheraton’s Prices will only increase on Two Conditions. If the client care needs change and other market related factors i.e. cost of labor and inflation.

Other Agencies will charge you the lowest market rate and provide you the poorest quality of care. We at Sheraton belief life is priceless and cutting costs on health could cost a life or make one’s life tremendously painful and unhappy. We not the cheapest but we do charge the fair market rates and provide the highest level of care. So, you receive the best value of care for your dollar.
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Practical Tips for People Living with Chronic Illness

With chronic illness, to live life as fully as one can, it’s imperative to learn some helpful practical tips. Here they are:

- Always bring your needed medications with you.

- Have some spares in case of sudden flares especially when traveling.

- Keep a record of your doctors, allergies, insurance, diagnosis, and medications by putting them in a document or on a reminder on the fridge.

- Start using online delivery services as these can save time and energy.

- Have an emergency or “flare” kit ready just in case.

- Work with medical professionals or caregivers if necessary.

#ChronicIllness #Health #SheratonHomeCareServices
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What Can You Expect from Family Counseling?

Family Counseling can help families cope with difficult situations. It helps the family sort through their concerns and issues and come up with solutions together. However, it won’t all be great, there will be some challenges. Here are some of the things you can expect from family counseling:

- Nervousness and Uncertainty.

- A long period of getting to know for the professional.

- A treatment plan for the family.

- Conflict but eventually its resolution.

However, for family counseling to really work, insights learned must be applied at home. Like for a better future for your family! Share for other families’ future!

#Family #SheratonHomeCareServices
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Fish: Healthy Food for the Heart

Omega 3 fatty acids is a healthy nutrient especially good for the heart. You can find these in fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel, and sardines. Enjoy some on your next meal and have a healthy heart.

#HeartHealth #Fish #HealthyFood
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Tips for Finding the Right Type of Family Counseling for You

Family counseling can really bring families together. However, for the best results, you have to find the one that’s right for you. Here are a few tips to start you off:

- Look into how experienced the counselor is.

- Check their credentials.

- Educate yourself about family counseling and its methods.

- Go with your gut if the counseling speaks to you or not.

If your family is going through something today, don’t hesitate to undergo family counseling. Share this with other families today!

#FamilyCounseling #SheratonHomeCareServices
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Tips to Maintain a Social Life and Manage a Chronic Illness

A Chronic illness can make living a social challenging. However, it’s not impossible. By truly taking care of yourself and your body, you might find you’ll be able to handle a social life. Here are some tips:

- Always drink water.

- Always have quality sleep.

- Learn to say “no” but don’t decline every invitation to a good time.

- Plan nights out in advance.

- When engaging in social activities, take time to step back and breathe if needed.

You can still live a socially connected life and enjoy get-togethers and activities if you take care of yourself!

#ChronicIllness #Health #SheratonHomeCareServices
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Be Good to Yourself

You don’t have to stop enjoying life if you’ve got a chronic illness. Just take care of yourself and you’ll find that you still have the energy and time to do the things you love.

If you need help, visit us at Sheraton Home Care Services

#ChronicIllness #Health
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Life Tips for People Living with Chronic Illness

Chronic illness can make life difficult but don’t give up. With the right decisions, you can still live a meaningful life even with a chronic illness:

- Stay true to who you are. Keep at your hobbies, interests, and passion for the things you love to do.

- Find emotional support. Talk with friends and family or find support groups who understand what you’re going through.

- Try to see the brighter things in life. You can still enjoy life even when everything seems so dark, so cold.

- Ask for help when you need it and get more involved in medical decisions.

#ChronicIllness #Health #SheratonHomeCareServices
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Heart Disease Prevention Tips

Age, as well as excessive weight, can pose a risk factor for heart disease. Older people are thus at risk of developing it, especially if they’re not too concerned with health. Here are some useful tips to prevent its development:

- Maintain a healthy diet. Limit salty and fatty food.

- Exercise on a regular basis.

- Always monitor your blood pressure level and cholesterol count.

- Keep your weight healthy.

- Learn techniques to effectively reduce stress.

Share this with dear loved ones and friends! At Sheraton Home Care Services, we can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

#HeartHealth #SheratonHomeCareServices #Health
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