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The Python Simulator for Cellular Systems
The Python Simulator for Cellular Systems


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Some news on PySCeS-CBM

I've added support for multithreaded multicore FVA analysis which drops the analysis time to about a minute for most models (on a quad core machine). Also support for SBML Level 3 with Flux Balance Constraints package is now stable and modules that enable the reading, writing and encoding of MIRIAM annotations has been added.

The CBM webpage has also been upgraded.
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Quick PySCeS news update

Two PySCeS developers gave presentations at EuroScipy 2012, while there Johann and myself put the finishing touches to a parallel scan module that allows either multithreaded scans on a multicore single CPU or parallel scans over a cluster. Also finally updated the PySCeS website with some new information.
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Lets try G+ as a PySCeS community page.
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