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My beautiful friend always has fun interesting things to say and I enjoy her posts very much!

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It has been awhile since I came over here and looked at this - it is so very different now ... no clue how to even really see what is happening ... sigh ... it would be nice if ppl would just let things be simple to use instead of making htem complicated and difficult!!!

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"8) Forget Those Without Shelter

No room at the inn.

One of the key moments in the story Christians celebrate is the moment when Jesus was almost born in the streets of Bethlehem.

Our need to clean up the Christmas story assumes that the innkeeper told them to use the manger but the Bible says no such thing. There was no room at the inn, leaving Mary to place her newborn child in a smelly feeding trough.

For that night they were without shelter.

Throughout his life Jesus would spend his ministry with no place to lay his head.

This time of year we celebrate a homeless man.

Do our actions, do the places we spend our money, honor that?"

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I entered - you should too!!!

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I painted and blogged today :)

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I was so excited to easily identify the little creature outside my apt window in Sioux Falls, SD a few minutes ago!!!! Great photographs!!!
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