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Nathaniel Gleicher's #Enigma2017 talk comparing Secret Service work to #infosec is a good analogy re: work factor.

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This is more difficult than one might expect. 

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These are a public service. Even if it turns out that a silly photo is the only way to get people to use logic in discourse on the Internet, it would be well worth the distraction.
FALLACY REF is the best collection of memed logical fallacies in the history of memed logical fallacy collections.

I did some quick Google sleuthing and could not find the original source, but [EDIT] I have been told it is the creation of Glen Welch, to whom my sincerest thanks. (His originals can be found on Facebook, but please, be kind and don't break the internet if you visit his page!)

Now go. Share. Fill the internet with logic awareness. Future generations will thank you.

H/t to +Jane Skau​ for bringing this wonderfulness to my attention!

#logicalfallacies   #meme  
Fallacy Ref
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You MUST upgrade your iOS and OSX devices NOW to secure your network communications.

Apple SSL implementation is flawed and allows an attacker to intercept ALL encrypted (HTTPS) communication. Every iOS Apps are vulnerables (Safari, Facebook, Google+, Mail...) . On OSX and Safari and  many other apps  are also affected. Chrome is not affected on OSX.

Please it is very important that you  upgrade now as this vulnerability has been made public last night. In particular DO NOT connect to a public WiFi with an unpatched device.

To test if your device is vulnerable you can use the public website:

Help spread the word by re-sharing or +1 this post to ensure everyone promptly patch their devices.

For those interested in the technical details:
Apple cryptic patch notes After refers to a bug introduced in libsecurity_ssl which is the SSL library used by Apple ( This bug lead the SSL library to not check properly the hostname associated with a
given SSL cert which allows an attacker to easily snoop on any HTTPS site.

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Kudos to Comcast for doing their part to make the Internet safer. Comcast has just completed their full national deployment of DNSSEC.

as if that wasn't enough, they turned off their Comcast Domain Helper service so as not to do anything to interfere with customer's use of DNSSEC.

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Traders are watching Tony Hawk do stunts on the floor of the Exchange rather than trading or watching Ben Bernanke testifying. Probably the right choice.
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