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Syed Shah
A developer, designer, and SEO guy at heart. Love's traveling the world.
A developer, designer, and SEO guy at heart. Love's traveling the world.

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Is it real or animated? Needs your opinion :D, whatever it is, its hilarious for sure.

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Help others and in return you will be helped by someone, someday.
I spotted this poor lady initially on Thanksgiving Day looking for work as I was leaving the York Road Shopping Center in Baltimore ( I felt so helpless and guilty because she wasn’t asking for money, but for a steady job. It was beyond me. It was especially sad because this was someone who should be enjoying retirement, but can’t.

The next day, I thought to take a picture of her and her sign to post it online to have her exposed to more people. When I went to find her though, she wasn’t there.

I was in the area today, and coincidentally, there she was: Still asking for help as cars were exiting the plaza. I finally approached her and asked if I could snap a picture so I can put her ad online in the hopes that someone out there would be able to find something for her.

So, here it is.

If you know someone looking for a seamstress, will you please tell that person about Gail? If you yourself can help, please reach out to her. Gail can be contacted at 443-810-0561. If you can't help, at least share this post so that someone following you can.

Thank you.
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