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Why Ballroom Dancing Can't Be Your Hobby! by Jesse DeSoto
you want to know why ballroom dancing can ’ t
be your hobby? It ’ s
because until you acquire it as a skill, even a basic level, you can't enjoy it
as a hobby. I had recently given a seminar on how ballroom dancing must be a skill before it can be a hobb...

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The Power of Bringing a Guest! Meet student Joey Klen...
At Fred Astaire we are constantly encouraging our students to bring guests! Many of you may bring guests on occasion, but not every student understands just how important it is to you, your studio, and most importantly your guest. Bringing guests to dance i...

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Let's Talk Equipment!!
Let’s Talk Equipment! As with all the sports we like to play such as football,
basketball, soccer, hockey, golf, we need the proper equipment so that we can
play successfully and safely. What would happen if you tried to play field
football in basketball sh...

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Meet Mokena Dancer Anastasia Tuskey!
My journey to the
ballroom. I like to dance. I like to feel graceful. I like to feel
beautiful. Dance does that for me.                 When I
walked into the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Mokena in November of 2013, I had
no idea how ballroom dancing would ...

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Meet Breast Cancer Survivor Robin Schwarz!
It’s Pinktober!!  Breast cancer awareness month is this month, and the world around us seems to turn pink every year at this time.  Those of you who know me know that I embrace the pink as a survivor myself – coloring my hair pink and wearing every pink rib...

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Meet Competitor Bette Anne Duffy!
COMPHACKER: BA’s 10 Tips for the Competitive Amateur Dancer You may know me. Or maybe you don’t. I’m best known as “BA,”
but my parents know me as “Bette Anne Duffy,” and I’m here to tell you about
life as a competitor. If you know me, you know I compete. A...

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FADS Illinois welcomes the new Park Ridge Studio!
    Once in your life you get an opportunity to seize a decision
by the horns and run in a direction that you never thought possible. Adrian and
I were offered that opportunity 6 months ago and we are so thrilled to announce
that we became the proud owners ...

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Why do I need group classes and practice parties?
So you have taken a couple private lessons and now you are thinking
about group classes! Good!!! Whatever you are wondering about group classes and
parties, you will find answers only by trying it at least a few times. Group
classes are wonderful because fe...

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A-Day Wrap Up!
Of all of the exciting events that our Fred Astaire Illinois
region holds, there is one that provides a truly unique experience and that
would be our annual A-Day!  Every year we host a Broadway style show that
allows all of our talented students to shine i...

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From “Scared to Dance at Prom” to “Social Butterfly” - My Cinderella Story
From “Scared to Dance at Prom” to “Social Butterfly” - My Cinderella Story Why I'm thankful that I was pulled out of my comfort
zone!   Why should you go out
of your way to bring your friends as Guests to the        local Fred Astaire
Dance Studio?   Well, ...
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