Beta starts TOMORROW, the 19th, at 10:00am RST ("Red Storm Time"): that's 10:00am EDT, 2:00pm GMT, 4:00pm Paris
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Please do a PC beta!!!! I love Ghost Recon but am wary of ubisoft's track record with porting games to the PC. Hope its awesome!!
Sorry bro but they won't be doing a PC beta, if anything you can still try out the ghost recon online beta that's going on right now since it's free to play. On a lighter note the PC version of the game looks great, even better than the console version.
I heard xbox beta users have to wait till tomorrow to get the email for our beta key. I already pre ordered from gamestop a while ago and sent ubisoft my beta code to them and they said I would get an email but still haven't got it yet. I just hope everything works tomorrow. Can anyone confirm this for me?
+Cesar Alejandro Ugarte Vazquez Ubisoft has not said they are not going to do a PC beta yet so I'll keep my fingers crossed. That free to play games are usually crap so I won't even bother with that. Man I remember playing graw2 with my clan of 16 doing missions with each other man that was fun.
What about new zealand because I'm in nz and iv downloaded the beta but can't play it but it is the 19th in nz
that fucking sucks im gonna be at work till 5 and everyone is gonna be playing it before me grrrrr might have to call in a sick day :D
beta for ps3 players is just for PLUS subscribers?
Had the bets started they must be having issues
I live in the US and the beta is downloading for me just fine, it's taking a while but that is to be expected due to everybody trying to download it. ( I'm downloading through the Sc:C menu)
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