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Please continue to follow the Lord (John 12:26)
Saturday afternoon, on September 12, 2015, my family & I were travelling on Douglasville/Hiram highway in Georgia, and it was my wife driving us. She was at top speed, and I noticed that she didn’t decrease her speed even though the cars ahead of us have sl...

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Profiting With Tongues (4)
Topic 4: Getting to
Speak the Tongues The fact is Every
Believer has the Holy Spirit in them... And when I say believer, I don't mean a church goer or someone who was born
into the Christian religion... A believer is someone
who believes that Jesus died and...

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What the Bible Teaches about Death
What the Bible Teaches about Death

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Profiting with Tongues (1)
Topic 1: God Wants You To Speak With New Tongues Speaking in tongues or praying in tongues is not a selective doctrine that
some modern day churches are venturing into... It is God's intention, even since the foundation of the world that there will
be some ...

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Perfecta Word-Line Mission Statement
The goal of Perfecta
Word-Line is to distribute the Word of God free of charge, by every available
means, speaking the truth in love, compacting together   that which every joint (any believer)
supplieth, so that you and I ( the Church)   may grow up into C...

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Profiting with Tongues (3)
Topic 3: Speaking in tongues is a spiritual gift Written by Bro. Samuel Duyilemi. This is one of the points that those who don't pray in tongues do make to
justify their pitiable condition You hear them say a word like speaking in tongues is a gift, not eve...

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Profiting with Tongues
Topic 2:
Spiritual things don't make sense written by Bro. Samuel Duyilemi   I honestly do
wonder the kind of Christianity that many are into without praying or speaking
in tongues... I do wonder what they do when they pray... So you shout the name of Jesus...

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Can You Answer My Question?
My definition of
‘good sex’ is the sexual intercourse between legally married husband (male) and
wife (female) that both the husband and the wife equally enjoys. My definition
of ‘believer’ is a person who has given his heart to Jesus (a born-again

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The spirit of ELi in the 21st Century Churches
THE SPIRIT OF ELI IN THE 21ST CENTURY CHURCHES Unedited Message as shared by Pastor Sean Akinrele The Evangelical and Pentecostal churches
have witnessed a quiet but insidious infiltration of a harmful attitude of
discipleship. It is a mentoring tendency th...
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