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We waded into conflicts in the Middle East we did not understand, propelled forward by fantasy. And our folly spawned a death spiral of political, social and economic collapse, widespread poverty, massive displacement, misery and radical jihadism. - 2015/11/22
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An exclusive Truthout investigation reveals that the City of Chicago fails to recognize, let alone sanction, police guilty of repeated episodes of violence.
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#BigBro In Biggest Tax Evasion Scheme of Its Kind, Big Pharma Becomes Behemoth Car Dealers Have Their Way With Congress - Auto dealers have employed numerous scams to boost profits and dish out record amounts of "subprime" loans. An FBI informant seduced Eric McDavid into a bomb plot. Then the government lied about it. America Has Become A Tyranny of the Few - But We Can Fight It #Socialism as a Cure for #Exceptionalism 

RT @dancohen3000: Help fund journalist @DevoidAlex's documentary on climate change and the border security industry. 

RT @DitchTV: What does it take to be a modern rebel?@ChrisLynnHedges talks rebellion w/@VICE: Coca-Cola’s Five Darkest Secrets #FBI Let #JaredFogle Molest Kids For Years During Undercover Investigation Corporate America Is Cannibalizing U.S. #Economy With  Stock Buyback Scams 
While Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning and John Kiriakou are vilified for revealing vital information about spying and bombing and torture, a man who conspired with Goldman Sachs to make billions of dollars on the planned failure of subprime mortgages was honored by New York University
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ISIS’s recruits are not corrupted by ideology but by the end of ideology. More radicalisation, in the genuine sense of the word, is the solution, not the problem.
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#Green Petition: Global cooperation on climate change is vital. Tell world leaders to work together to #ActOnClimate #ClimateChange: Restoring The Balance Schools Worldwide are Embracing #Renewable Energy Contractors That Defraud the Government the Most Also Spend the Most on Lobbying Climate Justice Advocates Say COP21 Mobilization in Paris More Important Than Ever Perpetrators of modern slavery are devastating our environment too | Nick Grono 'Another #Arctic Victory' as Norwegian Oil Giant Abandons Offshore Leases US Quest for Oil Exacerbates Global Thirst 
Temperatures, sea level rise and extreme weather events continue to set records as the planet burns.
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We need to get thousands of Internet users’ voices on the record–will you speak directly to decision-makers with our easy-to-use tool?
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#BDS #FreePalestine #StopArmingISrael
RT @LoraLucero: Take Action: Palestinian poet sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia … via @SamidounPP

RT @dancohen3000: Two refugees from Gaza are detained in my home state of Arizona. Sign this peitition to demand their release …?
* The story behind Israel's shady military exports - Why doesn’t the Foreign Ministry care whether Israeli weapons end up in the hands of serial human rights violators such as South Sudan? how Israel uses its ‘security needs’ to justify discrimination 
* EI: Rebel against torture killed by Israel - "Resistance is the most rational thing to do under occupation" EI: US rebukes Israel over light sentence for officer who attacked Tampa teen - Obama's refusal to stand up for own citizens sends message that Israeli police can beat up US children with impunity EI: Israeli revenge demolitions leave 2 dead, dozens homeless - More than 85 Palestinians killed, 9,000 injured since 1 October; 16 Israelis slain, 100 injured during same period EI: Video: Israeli soldiers arrest young child - Witness says Israeli soldiers used child as human shield and hostage. Watch video   
* M: Israeli troops detain and interrogate 6-year-old Palestinian boy in Bethlehem M: Clash at settlement killed two innocent Jews -- and one innocent Palestinian  
* Report: "Israel Kidnapped 1,000 Children In Less Than Two Months" - International Middle East Media Center MEM: 1,641 Palestinians have been arrested by Israel since 1 October, 264 of whom were children. Number of Palestinian minors in Israeli prisons doubles 
* Mapping the dead in latest Israeli-Palestinian violence - Al Jazeera English When the IDF doesn't pursue justice, the cycle of death continues 
* Report: South Africa issued warrants for arrest of 4 Israelis  involved in Gaza flotilla attack Israeli High Commanders To Be Arrested On Entry Into South Africa EI: Top Israeli officials face arrest in Spain, South Africa EI: Israel bans Islamic party in crackdown on Palestinian citizens 
* MEE: Israeli ban on Islamic party marks a ‘dangerous turning point’ - Palestinian leaders in Israel warn that Netanyahu is exploiting Paris attacks to ‘shut door’ to minority’s political activity MEE: Two armed Palestinians shot dead by Israel in West Bank house demolition raids - Two Palestinians were shot dead as residents in Qalandia Camp tried to stop Israeli forces demolishing a family home Israel Outlaws Leading Muslim Group 
* Narrative framing forces ICC to tackle Palestine case in a void Israeli forces detain 18 across West Bank, seize money, weapons 3 Palestinians held in solitary confinement for prolonged periods 5 Palestinians shot, injured in Bethlehem clashes Israeli forces open fire at protesters, fishermen in Gaza Palestinian killed in gunfight with Israeli forces near Ramallah Palestinian killed in Syria while fighting with Islamic State Israel detains 4 Palestinians in Jerusalem, including 9-year-old boy 

RT @Tom_El_Rumi: Important issue: Gaza refugees detained in Arizona at risk of deportation to KSA or Israel. Sign this.
RT @benabyad: Legal accountability following the UN Commission of Inquiry report on Gaza 

RT @benabyad: Barrier to separate Beit Jala residents from their lands, laying groundwork for annexing settlement 

RT @benabyad:"I stayed in the area throughout the day & watched [Israel's] bulldozers & tractors uproot the ancient olives trees" 
RT @benabyad:.@AdalahCenter responds to Israeli gov't's decision to outlaw the Islamic Movement's northern branch

RT @benabyad: Israel outlaws Islamic Movement's Northern Branch - involvement can now lead to arrest 

RT @benabyad: from October 11 --> Netanyahu Instructs Officials to Prepare Case for Outlawing Islamic Movement 

RT @benabyad: Just 2 weeks ago, Shin Bet chief was reportedly opposed to outlawing the organisation; "neither wise nor practical" 

RT @benabyad: Shin Bet's opposition to outlawing the Islamic Movement's northern branch was also reported on almost a year ago: 

RT @benabyad: Context for Israel's decision to ban the Islamic Movement (from 'Palestinians in Israel')

RT @benabyad: IDF soldiers launch mutiny on Facebook - 'We won't raze illegal West Bank synagogue' 
RT @benabyad: Fatah official in Jerusalem slams new proposal to divide the city; "the fact that the left offers it is even worse" 

RT @benabyad: Israeli gov't decision to outlaw Islamic Movement praised by Zionist Union - who only regret it took so long 

RT @benabyad: Its leader, Labor's @HerzogMK, praisd the ban w/out trace of irony as "a first step in protecting Israeli democracy" 

RT @benabyad: Fellow opposition 'centrist' Yair Lapid is also happy, saying: "all incitement...requires a strong & clear response" 

RT @benabyad: But will the far-right, anti-miscegenation group Lehava be banned? What about the Temple Institute? Latter gets funding from gov't itself.

RT @benabyad: and, see this from July --> Imprisoned for incitement on Facebook? Only if you're Arab 

RT @benabyad: Watch: Israeli occupation forces detain a 6-year-old Palestinian boy in Aida camp, Bethlehem … ht @farouri

RT @benabyad: On the same day Israeli forces shot Palestinians protesting military occupation & Islamic Movement was banned under 'emergency regulations'.
RT @dancohen3000: Israel is bombing Gaza right now. Photo by @Ezzpress

RT @Belalmd12: The strikes targeted resistance training sites for the Hamas armed wing. No casualties were reported. #Gaza
* Infrastructure of Hamas' military wing targeted in #Israeli airstrikes, damage reported Israeli forces open fire at Gaza's al-Maghazi refugee camp Israeli policeman given community service for beating Palestinian-American boy Watch: Israel detains child rights defender MEM: Arab MKs: Islamic Movement ban targets all Arabs in Israel M: In escalation against Palestinian citizens of Israel, government bans Islamic Movement of Northern Israel MEE: Questions raised over possible Israeli planting of knives on Palestinians - Haaretz correspondent criticises shoot-to-kill policy towards alleged Palestinian attackers, including those posing no threat  

RT @benabyad: UN experts: "cases of excessive use of force by Israeli forces against Palestinians" include "summary executions" 

RT @benabyad: Palestinian Health Ministry: 89 Palestinians killed since Oct. 1, w/ a further 1,450 shot w/ live ammo 

RT @benabyad: ICRC rejects accusations against Palestine Red Crescent, affirms latter's "professionalism" & "impartiality" 

RT @benabyad: Israel’s Deportation Policy Forces Asylum Seekers to Choose Between Prison and Persecution

RT @benabyad: Israeli security forces demolish 14 homes as collective punishment – more than half belonged to neighbors 

RT @benabyad:"The policy of demolishing the family homes of attackers constitutes collective punishment, which is prohibited under international law."
RT @benabyad: Israeli gov't & High Court cooperate to prevent demolition of settlement synagogue built on private Palestinian land 

RT @benabyad: Official: "no interest in closing down [Islamic Mov.] body if it is only involved in welfare or health activities" 

RT @benabyad: My @trtworld interview yesterday about Israel's decision to outlaw the northern branch of the Islamic Movement 
RT @dancohen3000: Apparently the second cop who took part in the beating was not punished at all 

RT @ThisIsGaZa: israel occupation forces destroy Palestinian home displacing tens of Palestinians including kids. israeli terror.
* EI: Israel to expel Palestinians from Jerusalem for “disloyalty” - More than 14,309 Palestinians have had Jerusalem residency revoked by Israel since 1967 MEE: Palestinian Arab municipalities strike over Israeli ban of Islamic Movement M: No justice for Tariq Abu Khdeir Germany criticizes Israel's East Jerusalem settlement plans Deferring Justice: Clinton emails show how State Dept. undermined U.N. action on Israeli war crimes Israeli courts extend detention of 90 Palestinians Israel orders demolition in Jordan Valley village Israeli forces raid home of Tel Aviv attacker, issue demolition order Israeli forces raid Bethlehem-area refugee camp, injure 2 Decision to Outlaw Islamic Movement Criminalizes Thousands DCI: 16 Children Killed in 3 Weeks - International Middle East Media Center US Criticizes Israel for Soft Sentence on Policeman Israel Considers Suing EU Over Decision to Label Settlement Products 

RT @benabyad: Oct.-Nov. 2015: Israeli military used live ammunition against protesters in Gaza Strip without justification 

RT @benabyad: War crimes & impunity. "One fatality was a ten-year old boy who was struck in the back by a live bullet." #Gaza #IDF

RT @benabyad: Likud & Jewish Home MKs "diverted millions of shekels to...settlements and yeshivas" in Israel's new budget 

RT @benabyad: Meanwhile, Minister Gilad Erdan & Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked are pushing to sue the European Union at the WTO 

RT @benabyad: Border cop who assaulted Palestinian-American child sentenced to 45 days community service by Israeli court 

RT @benabyad:"But the worst part about banning the Northern Branch this week was the complete consensus behind it" (The real danger of outlawing Palestinian political movements
Banning and persecuting political groups like the Islamic Movement and Balad has the effect of disengaging Palestinian citizens of Israel from the state and its political system. That is very, very dangerous.)
RT @benabyad: 1,119 Palestinians injured by Israeli occupation forces week of Nov. 10-16; 150+ by live ammo 

RT @benabyad: Five dead in Palestinian attacks in Tel Aviv, West Bank 

RT @benabyad: Shin Bet: first time in a decade that attack perpetrated by Palestinian who passed background check, had work permit 

RT @benabyad: collective punishment 
RT @ofer_n: Amnesty International - URGENT ACTION - Israeli military court rejects appeal by Abdallah Abu Rahma 

RT @maureenclarem: Israeli commander: "beat them up – but do it behind some wall" so Palestinian Authority officers don't see 

RT @YousefMunayyer: Israel officer beats Palestinian kid to bloody pulp, gets 45 days community service while a Palestinian throwing a rock faces 3 year minimum

RT @MaxBlumenthal: Israeli soldiers demand to massacre besieged families in leather free boots and wool free berets: … via @debra_kamin
RT @reportedly: Latest injury/death toll from UN in Israel (10/1-11/16):
85 Palestinians killed
11 Israelis killed
9,171 Palestinians hurt
133 Israelis hurt

RT @reportedly: 2 attacks today, Palestinian suspects arrested
Tel Aviv:2 Israelis killed
West Bank:1 Palestinian, 2 Israelis killed 
* Israeli #apartheid demolition of attackers' family homes provokes Palestinian backlash Saudi court sentences poet to death for renouncing Islam MEM: Arab Joint List accuses Israeli government budget of discriminating against them Court: Haaretz Report on Group's Efforts to Judaize East Jerusalem Violated Gag Order Israeli prosecutors issue indictment for teenage Palestinian attacker Israeli courts extend detention of 90 Palestinians 156 #Palestinians shot by Israeli forces in #WestBank #Gaza Nearly 400 Palestinian children held in Israeli jails Settlers throw stones, spray racist graffiti in Ramallah village 87 Palestinians shot by Israeli forces in West Bank, Gaza clashes Israeli forces close several main roads in Nablus Israel extends detention of Palestinian kidnapped in hospital raid Israeli forces detain 16 Palestinians in Hebron 

RT @MaxBlumenthal: French police fired 5000 bullets in St Denis raid: … That's what they learned from Israel? 
RT @benabyad: Israel freezes hundreds of Palestinian entry permits 

RT @benabyad:"Lafi was able to get about 3m away from the soldiers, but then one...shot him in the back once with a live round." 

RT @benabyad: Here  @JudahAriGross forgets to ask IDF's Fire Command Center how they ended up doing this: 
RT @AsaWinstanley: Disgrace: Jonathan Pollard who sold US military secrets to Israel freed by Obama to pander to Israel lobby 

RT @IsraelOccForces: Do you know that 187 Palestinian children were arrested by our forces since the beginning of #october ?!. #Palestine ×××
RT @AliAbunimah: Palestinian poet sentenced to death by Obama and Hollande's favorite arms customer Saudi Arabia (Palestinian 'apostate' gets Saudi death sentence)
* Israeli minister and judges, and US Zionist donors, face major lawsuit over child trafficking Israeli forces close 2nd Hebron radio station this month Israeli troops detain 18 in West Bank, raid homes PA police detain 14 fugitives at Allenby Bridge crossing Japan 'deeply deplores' East Jerusalem settlement plans Israeli forces close roads in southern West Bank 3 Palestinians shot, injured in West Bank clashes   

RT @hosamindeed: Video of Israeli soldiers shooting at medics and civilians rescuing injured in #Gaza yesterday
* 40 Palestinian women being held in Israeli jails Israeli forces detain 15, ransack 150 homes in Hebron raid Settler shoots dead 2nd Palestinian following alleged attack attempt Israeli protesters demand separate roads for Palestinians, Israelis Settlers attack Palestinian homes in Hebron 2 Palestinians detained as Israeli forces raid Qalqiliya village Israeli forces close checkpoints, impose curfew near Nablus 

RT @ofer_n: Israel tortures wounded minor Palestinian prisoner 

RT @MaxBlumenthal: Obama/Hollande-backed Saudi theocracy sentences Palestinian poet to death for publicizing police abuse
RT @benabyad:"Once again, in one fell swoop, Israeli authorities 'laundered' construction even they deemed illegal for years." 

RT @benabyad: IDF to Check Every Palestinian Vehicle on West Bank Roads Shared With Israelis 
RT @AbbsWinston: Zionism Terror 
When a Zionist Terrorist Sniper shot an unarmed, posed no threat youth in Gaza today.
RT @RaniaKhalek: Israeli settlers shot dead 2 Palestinians today, claiming they were going to carry out stabbing attacks

RT @RaniaKhalek: Palestinian taxi driver was shot & killed after he exited his car following a collision. Israeli police & settler shooter say he had a knife

RT @RaniaKhalek: Less than an hour earlier "a prominent Israeli settler ran over a Palestinian girl, 16, before shooting her dead."

RT @RaniaKhalek: Illegal Israeli settlers are armed and encouraged to kill. Palestinians are shot dead for even being suspected of carrying sharp objects.

RT @RaniaKhalek: Settler rams Palestinian teen girl w/ his car, then he & Israeli soldiers open fire on her (MEE: Bloody day in West Bank: 3 alleged Palestinian attackers, 1 Israeli killed)

RT @RaniaKhalek: That's a lynching, no matter how they try to twist it.
By Khaled Abu Toameh According to the researcher, many Palestinians captured by Shiite militias in Iraq have been brutally tortured and forced to
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The people I polled did not know how to interpret 'sympathy', and neither did I.
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#StopTheWar Whoa There, David Cameron! Haste and Rhetoric Is No Recipe for Peace - Reactions to Paris and Mali have been militaristic rhetoric brought about by ignorance and refusal to understand the injustices of the Middle East Cameron's Start the War Coalition won't defeat ISIS terror with another UK bloody conflict @Kevin_Maguire Cameron's fight against Isis is just propaganda when he buddies up to Saudi extremists When Will Britain Learn? More War is Not the Answer No, 1 in 5 British Muslims doesn't have sympathy with ISIS - here's why Hate crime against British Muslims soars after Paris attacks 
Early in 2014, Isil released one of its first videos. Largely unseen in Europe, it had neither the slick, cutting-edge professionalism of its later execution tapes nor the haunting &quo
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#BDS #FreePalestine #StopArmingISrael M: Zionism is blocking the path to peace 

RT @MintPressNews: Here's 4 more household products to avoid if you want to #FreePalestine:  #BDS @BoycottAhava

RT @ronnie_barkan:#BDS news:@UKLabour Party will boycott #G4S services over repression of Palestinians! #UNDropG4S 
Bay Area activists pulled off an awesome action yesterday at Haaretz’s Zionism 3.0: Israel’s Place in Tomorrow’s World conference in Palo Alto, California. As Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister …
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#Green New Report Digs the Dirt on the Corporate Criminals Sponsoring Climate Talks Climate Talks Must Address Human Cost of Extreme Weather Disasters: UN The Cruel Piracy Behind Stevia-Based Sweeteners 
Whose security gets protected by any means necessary? Whose security is casually sacrificed, despite the means to do so much better? Those are the questions at the heart of the climate crisis, and the answers are the reason climate summits so often end in acrimony and tears.
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#BDS #FreePalestine #StopArmingISrael Steven Salaita: I Will Always Condemn Injustice, No Matter the State of My Employment - The embattled professor reflects on the trials of free speech, Zionism, and what it means to reach a settlement. Vindication for Steven Salaita: A victory for academic freedom in a textbook case of “the Israel exception” - Salaita has been offered a sizable award, but he still doesn't have what was taken from him -- his job
RT @stevesalaita: Palestine solidarity activists are constantly shut down, yet Zionist repression goes unmentioned in today's debates about campus PC culture.

RT @stevesalaita: Campus rules of engagement:  it's perfectly fine to assault Palestinian students, but don't dare condemn Israel's slaughter of 551 children.

RT @stevesalaita: It's disgustingly amusing when liberal Zionists whine that anti-BDS scholars won't get jobs.  Develop some damn self-awareness already.

RT @stevesalaita: Addendum:  it's only fair to point out that some folks who could rightly be categorized as liberal Zionists condemned my firing from UIUC.
* EI: Academics express concerns after Salaita settlement - Should boycott of the Univ. of Illinois end after Salaita settlement? EI: Video: Israel studies director assaults Texas students - Israel studies professor says student Palestine activists at Univ. of Texas are like ISIS killers in Paris After Tense Protest, #UTAustin Prof Compares #Palestinian Activists To #ISIS
*  Undercover Israeli forces detain 3 schoolchildren in Silwan Israeli forces raid Nablus school, demand removal of Arafat posters 

RT @AliAbunimah: Finkelstein's bitter attack on @stevesalaita lays bare his rage at Palestinians more generally. (Finkelstein Weighs in on Salaita Settlement)

RT @AliAbunimah:(cont.) Finkelstein also no doubt still smarting from @stevesalaita's brilliant 2013 dissection of his politics 

RT @MaxBlumenthal: It's tragic to see Norman Finkelstein lower himself even further than he already has: 

RT @benabyad:"@APedahzur defamed Palestinian students, whose families have been killed or made into refugees by Israeli forces" 
* MEM: Students from Gaza fear losing scholarships in Turkey due to closure of crossings Ali Abunimah: Palestinian resistance is justified

Paulo Freire: “With the establishment of a relationship of oppression, violence has already begun. Never in history has violence been initiated by the oppressed. How could they be the initiators, if they themselves are the result of violence? How could they be the sponsors of something objective whose objective inauguration called forth their existence as oppressed? There would be no oppressed had there been no prior of violence to establish their subjugation.”
* USACBI Statement on Steven Salaita’s Legal Settlement with UIUC Salaita settlement: Defending the right to speak against injustice
RT @benabyad:"New guidelines for civics teachers: Beware the 'dogmatism of democracy'; stress the 'Jewish nation-state.'" 

RT @benabyad: After Intimidation, Pro-Palestine Students File Civil Rights Complaint 

RT @palinfoen: Israeli occupation targets Palestinian school with several tear gas canisters.

RT @standingwithheR: So @Illinois_Alma punished speech of @stevesalaita but not those of 'White Illini Union. We respond:

RT @benabyad: Israel's Education Minister instructs heads of academic institutions to ban Islamic Movement from campuses 
Corporate media commentators fret about “political correctness” but ignore censorship of Palestine solidarity activists.
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Violence comes home: an interview with Arun Kundnani

ISIS’s recruits are not corrupted by ideology but by the end of ideology. More radicalisation, in the genuine sense of the word, is the solu

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Prominent Palestinian musicians say recruiting minority ethnic and religious Arab groups into the army is part of Israel’s divide-and-conque

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100+ students are imprisoned in Burma for taking part in education protests this year. As Burma holds its general election, as the president

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In recent news, the UN warns of 50 million climate refugees within a decade and the melting of Greenland is accelerating.

UK: Stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia

Devastating air strikes, led by Saudi Arabia, have killed thousands of Yemeni civilians and destroyed homes, schools and hospitals. Tell the

Recasting the Rules over Palestine: An Intellectual Intifada in the Offing

My first stop, after living for 22 years in a refugee camp in Gaza, was the city of Seattle, a pleasant, green city, where people drink too

Racial attack on Israeli TV crew a sign of extremism turning normal | +9...

An attack on a television news crew indicates that the violence of the far right has reached the heart of Israeli cities. A television crew

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Tell President Obama: Real security means #NoBackDoors. One voice could have a global impact. If U.S. President Obama speaks out for uncompr

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This week, the London Arms Fair opens at the ExCel centre. Alongside guns, tanks and killer drones, you might also find offers for illegal t

Stair lift made in Gaza | Indiegogo

Help us!! to manufacture stair lifts for disabled people in #Gaza. | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of yo

Apartheid & Cultural Boycott: Then and now

The following essay, ‘Apartheid & Cultural Boycott: Then and now’, is based on a lecture ;of the same name given by Ben White at the Southba

The Government's Hypocrisy on Hacked Information

'If the government is going to be consistent, it can do two things, in my view. It can either drop all of these witch-hunt investigations in