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DCC / Umerica hangout game recruiting two new players.
Set in New York City. Tuesdays, 8-10:30 PM Eastern (01:00 - 3:30 GMT)
Via a non-hangout video service using chrome
We will likely switch around settings from time to time. This campaign started as DCC three years ago.

email my name above (no spaces) at gmail dawt com for details. You could be playing TONIGHT!

Is there an official or homebrew GM screen available anywhere? I'd like to use USG more and a GM screen would help a LOT.

Need a player for Tuesday May 2 at 8PM EST (1AM GMT) for 2.5 hour DCC Hangout session.

You don't need a character, you're the monsters defending a dungeon from adventurers this week and possibly May 9.

If everyone has fun and you're game, you can join our campaign, where the players are usually adventurers. Message me if interested. Can take on one or two players.

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City of Rosehill - Fantasy campaign setting - Santicore 2015
“I am looking for a
map of a medieval city that holds around 1000+ people” –M.H. The City of Rosehill By Duncan McPhedran 1 Rosehill Keep The keep has a stable, barracks, and a
famous rose garden. The rose garden is rumoured to have many varieties of roses
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2 Minutes To Midnight - Santicore 2015
"Dear Santicore This year I would love an adventure outline based on any Iron Maiden song. Any at all!" - S.M. 2 Minutes To Midnight by Roger SG Sorolla - A heavily metallic adventure scenario for
some fairly strong world-sav...
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Beneath - Adventure written for Santicore 2015
Santicore, could you bring me an entrail-strewn ghoul lair? Pretty please? - J. "f" S. BENEATH by Brian Richmond The Where: A collapsed chapel atop a hill. The Why: To loot the ruins, perhaps to deal with rumors of
cannibals in the hills. The When: On a Ful...
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Santicore 2012 PDF now available
Greg created a pdf of the 2012 entries. He made it for himself but was kind enough to share with the rest of us. Thanks, Greg! You will always be on the Santicore's "spare" list.
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Moss Monster - Secret Santicore 2015
Request: A monster that would be at home on a chilly, rainy
forested sea shore. Somewhere like the pacific northwest. Field notes of Fotherington Whuppershell-Oxley: The Complex
Symbiosis of the Moss Monster, the Giant Snail and the Mauve-Taupe-Chartreuse-B...
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[EDIT: We have our player but will post again in the future if a spot becomes available]

Looking for a player for our Tuesday Night DCC game on hangouts. We play weekly at 8pm to 11PM EST (01:00 - 04:00 GMT).

The Party is currently levels 3-5 so new players come in at level 3ish.

Our setting: The party started in Yoon-Suin, unleashing disaster in their wake, then hitched a ride to Mars on a T-Rex' sail barge. Currently headed back to earth on an invasion ship, but it could head back to Mars or out to the wider universe.

The Judge rolls really badly, so the mortality rate is not what you might expect.

We are and welcome players from diverse backgrounds.

Message me if interested.

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A Potpourri of Presents Both Naughty and Nice - Santicore 2015
Secret Santicore, Can I please have a table of random surprise presents? From the mundane to
the extraordinary, the perfectly harmless to the insanely destructive! I've
been a very good boy this year. - O.P. ( website ) A Potpourri of Presents Bo...
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