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When Yelawolf made the switch from being the prodigy of eminem to being his own artist it was a bit weird. It sounded off.

But i think this new album Love Story is Yelawolf being like he's always been. For the record, i loved his old "gangster" sound. I just want to party and Hard White were cool as F#

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+ddcs0s do what ?❇
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Kendy Louwaars

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My Toshiba CB2 has problems handeling the youtube 60fp function. Does anyone know how to disable it ?
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thanks man. works like a charm !
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This is in Turkey.
This man died.
The world is slowly becoming one big police state.
Well.. not that slow

#Turkey   #policebrutality   #media  #WordlessWednesday 
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Kendy Louwaars

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Money isn't the destination in life. It's just the gas for the journey

Daniel Norris signed a bonus worth just over $2 million to join the
Blue Jays organization out of high school. While life on the road
becomes normal for any pro athlete, the 21-year-old takes things to
the next level by spending his summers living in a Volkswagen camper van. VICE Sports traveled down to Blue Jays Spring Training to meet one of the sport's top pitching prospects.

+VICE  #Sports   #lifestyle   #Vice #millionaire   #california   #baseball   #thought  
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Kendy Louwaars

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Are you kidding meeee !!

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Kendy Louwaars

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Marius Buliga originally shared to chemlambda:
Biological immortality means that the probability of death does not depend on the age of the organism.
A well known example is Turritopsis dohrnii . More special about this jellyfish is that under stress it reverts to an earlier stage of its life.
In the animation this strategy of coping with stress is reproduced with a pair of chemlambda quines. These are artificial molecules (or microbes) which suffer random rewrites from invisible enzymes, but they still approximately preserve their global shape.
In the animation there are two exemplars of a 16-bubble-quine, which are each slightly modified so that they can give birth to another microbe. That is explained in the live demo
What we see is therefore an arena where from some point there are 4 such microbes.
They compete, without knowing that (i.e. this is an emergent behaviour) for the rewrites available, as explained in the post

Under this stress they repeatedly reverse to their egg-like state where they only have 4 nodes each.
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Thanks for sharing. There's more about this project in the chemlambda collection
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Hi there. I am new to linux and been using it for little over a week. I've been loving the new learning experience but i have to tke it back a notch and be able to at least dual boot into windows for my adobe software, even though there are linux alternatives.

I noticed that i cant access my UEFI like i used to. the F2 key after boot doesn't seem to be working anymore and i just get the antergos screen where i can get to GNU GRUB. Can somebody link me to an article that teaches me to change the boot order, so that i can choose to boot from my WIN7 install usb ?
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sudo update grub - to see window bootloader then customise grub with grub customiser

iḿ not positiv but i think you can press a key on the keyboard, when pressed the press F2 to enter setup text on bootup disapers.
Do you still have the F2 text but when pressed nothing happens
i press the F2 key like 20 times in boot if i want to enter bios for exempel.
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Kendy Louwaars

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Hii there. Went from Apple to Win10 about 6 months ago. Awfull experience, but came across Elementary OS and was kinda intrigued. Installed it, found it buggy and did some research on switching to Linux.

Installed Antergos with GNOME but messed something up with the install (location/language issue). Told myself to fix it without re installing to kickstart the learning process and DID fix it, but after that the terminal stopped working. Figured out what was wrong but didnt bother to try and fix that because i wanted to check out KDE also.

Right now a 3 day linux user with Antergos + KDE Plasma. and noticing that different distro's require different commands to install software, and corrently trying to figure out whats the deal with all those packages and stuff on github.

What do y'all think, is it to much for a first timer?

Do have about 17 years of pc experience though. 
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+amrith h namboodiri funny you mention Solus. Since learning more about Linux and different distros i have already come across Solus and istalled in on a VM from win7 when i was bored at work. That exact same day a friend of mine told me he was frustrated with his low end i3 laptop win10 and offered him to install Solus. It was done in less than 5 minutes and he's been loving it ever since. And his 4 year old daughter likes it too, because its pretty.
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This grainy, chopped up footage of Mike D, Pharrell, and Chad Hugo shooting the shit in 2001 might be the best thing you watch all week.
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Kendy Louwaars

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I'll be on the ground if you need me hahaha 
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Nice art pussy n dick
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