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An useful link i found today. On this site you can check if to any of your email adress any login data is openly available online from database leaks. Everyone should check and if necessary change passwords to all services where they registered with a compromised email adress.

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One of the most awesome things I have seen lately. Just had to share it to give them some plublicity.
~ Asian Concept ~

Quick is Norwegian dance crew based in Oslo. Quick was formed in 2006 by twin brothers Suleman and Bilal Malik and their childhood friend Nasir Sirikhan.

Artist: Quick Crew

#QuickCrew   #AsianConcept   #Dance   #Norway   #Oslo  

Hi, a plan for me this year in the running department is to work on my form.
Does anybody know where to find good running tutorials and/or give me tipps from their own experience?

Ok, so I got a request to you.

I am currently writing my Bachelor Thesis and am looking for interesting books/articles/talks and such about the following topics:

- Information Overload
- Email Overload
- Stress resulting from the both above
- Filter Failure
- and such

If you know of any sources and or people that could help me out please let me know.


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For all the runners I can reach. To get some motivation to get you going through the winter.

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Was macht man bei solchem Wetter am besten?
Man bringt Glühwein mit zum Ultimate Frisbee spielen. :)

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This is just plain amazng. I am usualy not that much into fashion, but this gave me the chills.
Ever wondered what it feels like to be a supermodel on the runway? This is probably as close as most of us ever will get to this experience.
Celebrated fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg tried on Glass for the first time a few months ago at a conference that she attended with Sergey Brin. She immediately loved it and they agreed to bring Glass to New York Fashion Week. Diane is a champion for innovation and effortless design, so it’s unsurprising that Glass fit seamlessly into her production. In the week leading up to her Spring 2013 show in New York, and during the show itself, everyone from stylists and models to Diane herself used Glass to capture never-before-seen footage of the creative process. This is the first time any video has been shot entirely through Glass and we’re so excited to be able to share it with you. #DVFthroughGlass  

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Just found this awesome site. I think this project is great und helps people to focus on what is really important to them. So check it out, and if you want leave a comment what you want to do below:

Before I die I want to.......!

P.S.: Sorry for not being the first to answer this myself but I figured I will need some time to think about it. So maybe I am up with an answer after my training.

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This is some pretty cool interpretation of the Skyrim Soundtrack. If your into this stuff its a must watch. (Even so it misses the epic bass of the original track)
Rockin’ violinist +Lindsey Stirling ( nails it again in this epic ode to "Skyrim" featuring voice magician +Peter Hollens (

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Nachdem ich gestern in halbschlafendem Zustand auf dem Handy keinen schönen Beitrag mehr hinbekommen habe jetzt nochmal ein repost. Wer denkt denn dass diese faszinierende Technik uns bald im Alltag begegnen könnte?
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