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Learning Scrapy - Crawling Some ecommerce pictures
Scapy momoshop ---- #-*- coding: UTF-8 -*- #/usr/bin/env python import scrapy from scrapy . selector import Selector class eCommerceSpider ( scrapy . Spider ) : name = 'ecommercespider' start_urls = [ '

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Learning Tensorflow - Implement simple Linear Classifier
呈上一篇, 今日來學習運用 skflow 基本功能來跑個tensorflow 必備工具: $> pip install skflow LinearClassifier 文件參數運用方式 #-*- coding: ...

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Cast Remote Display API: Processing

We used the Google Cast Remote Display APIs to show the amazing visual arts of Processing on a Chromecast. Check out our documentation for how you can do it too. #GoogleDev #GoogleCast

Any one has the similar problem right now.

"ERROR: (gcloud.compute.ssh) Could not fetch instance:....."

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Google Drive Linux(Debian) Install
Here is the script: wget -O drive ;  chmod 744 drive;  sudo mv drive /usr/local/bin/; drive

I can not deploy java app right now.
Anyone has the same problem?

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Fun building Android apps in Docker containers.

The Camlistore Uploader should be on the Android Play Market Store soon is available at

This is how I built the release apk.

Step 0: note that I don't want Java on my computer.  Realize that Docker would work here too.

Step 1: find -- a trusted build of all the goodies.

Step 2: extend it with Camlistore stuff:

Note that we build an ARM version of Go there, since the Camlistore uploader uses a Go ARM child process, under the main Java app.

Step 3: little Perl script that runs in the container:

Step 4: little Make glue I run from the host:

Now I can just type:

$ make dockerrelease

To build a new release APK using Docker.

Or +Nick O'Neill or +Aaron Boodman or anybody else hacking on the code can, and get the same binary, with no host configuration hell.  If you have Docker installed, the rest just works.

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Mark 在台上分享,卻只有幾隻貓在聽。


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別在Big Data 了,先說說你跟資料培養感情了沒?
先來看看wiki 一開始對BIg Data 的簡介 大數據 ( 英語 : Big data [1] [2] ),或稱 巨量資料 、 海量資料 、 大資料 ,指的是所涉及的資料量規模巨大到無法透過人工,在合理時間內達到擷取、管理、處理、並整理成為人類所能解讀的資訊 [3] [4] 。在總資料量相同的情況下,與個別分析獨立的小型資料集(data set)相比,將各個小型資料集合併後進行分析可得出許多額外的資訊和資料關聯性,可用來察覺商業趨勢、判定研究品質、避免疾病擴散、打擊犯罪或測定即時交通路況等;這樣的用途正是...

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+Google Cloud Platform  WTF. 

I got these message below:


We're writing to inform you of an over-credit to your Google Cloud Platform billing account.

Due to an error in our system, your account received an excess of credit within the months of May, June and July. The excess credited amounts will be corrected in your August billing cycle, so you may notice higher than normal charges. The line items reclaiming the excess credited amounts are marked “[Recovering excess credit for <CreditId> for <month>]” in the transaction history.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


The Google Cloud Platform Team
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