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Stopping by on Google+ for the first time in a while as Google emailed to tell me I now have a custom URL (  

Anyone still here?

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Mashable is doing a Google+ Hangout with the founders of Vungle, the startup we're profiling in our docuseries Behind the Launch!  Join in:

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An interview I did this week at SXSW with Facebook's former head of PR:
+Samsung USA is proud to provide an exclusive early look at the following video from +Mashable:

+Adam Ostrow interviewing Brandee Barker, start-up PR adviser and former head of PR for Facebook.

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Are you heading to CES? What are the big stories / trends you're looking to see?

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With recap/prediction season coming to an end (hopefully!), here's mine. Agree/disagree/other ideas?

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This was a fun project to be involved with (I wrote the intro)! The NYC tech/startup scene has grown like crazy since I moved here two years ago.

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Some trends we're seeing inside Mashable and some thoughts on the year ahead. What are your predictions for 2012?

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Check out Venture Studio, a new video show about entrepreneurship we're airing on Mashable.

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Very surreal night ... I was at the New York Stock Exchange for Business Insider's SAI 100 event when the TV screens started flashing news alerts of reports that Jobs had passed.

I immediately darted for the door to head back uptown to Mashable HQ, but we were locked in temporarily because of the Occupy Wall Street protests outside. The entire Business Insider crew -- including Henry Blodgett (BI's founder), who had just spoke to the whole crowd -- was huddled right by the door as well getting to work on their stories (they had the good sense to bring a few laptops and 3G cards to their own event, I gather).

Once I got out of NYSE, the scene was pretty chaotic -- streets were closed off and there were just seas of people blocking the entrance to the subway. But in that sea of people you could hear dozens of them -- including cops -- learning of the Jobs news (many of them, of course, via their iPhones) and sharing it with the people next to them.

In any event, by the time I got back to our office, we had about 10 of our people already on digesting and working through the very difficult news. It was one of those moments where our whole team comes from wherever they're at in the world to share and contribute (most of Mashable is based in NYC, so it was after hours), and a special thing to be a part of.

In any event, I'll certainly remember tonight for a long time. All of our coverage can be found at the link below. RIP Steve.

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Hmm Facebook suggests I subscribe to the guy behind Google+ +Vic Gundotra ... Conspiracy theories anyone? :)
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