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D Stepp
Lifestyle Blogger: Easy-to-Make Recipes, Crafts, DIY & Gardening
Lifestyle Blogger: Easy-to-Make Recipes, Crafts, DIY & Gardening

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These Chocolate Cream Puffs with Caramel would be a big hit with my sweetie on Valentine's Day!  YUM!   + Cheryl Kirkness
Love cream puffs? Love chocolate? Then you're sure to love this latest recipe - Chocolate Cream Puffs with Caramel Buttercream.

Yes, they are just as delicious as they sound! A tasty treat for Valentine's Day.


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I just joined Amy's Shared Circle.  Want to grow your Google+  cirlce too? #amyscircleshare
And here it is - Amy's Shared Circle version 2/6/15. 
This is a Shared Circle of Bloggers and People trying to grow their google+ Circles.  If you are already in the circle please +1, share and comment on this post to keep it relevant and growing.  Each person that joins will be adding you to their circles.
 If you would like to be included in a future Circle share please complete these 4 easy steps.

1. Click Add People to add everyone in this circle to your circles.

2. Go back to the original post here: 
+1 this post

3. Share the original post with the hashtag #amyscircleshare .

4.  Leave a comment on the original post when you are done so I can find you and add you to the next Circle share. ** If you don't comment to the original post I won't be able to find and add you to the next circle share.

I will be posting the new shared circle on 2/13/15.  Once it goes live watch your following grow and come join us in the next shared circle:)
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Favorite Recipes of 2014: Reader's Choice ...15 of our Easy-to-Make Recipes #RECIPE -

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This looks awesome +Tina Butler  Love the pecans...can't wait to try it!

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Great gift idea! +Melissa Bo 

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Brown Beef Stew...recipe with Stove top or slow cooker preparation
#RECIPE- #stew #beef

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New #recipe for Homemade Taco easy and so delicious! I used my #slowcooker for this spicy soup. #soup #comfortfood

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Peppermint Mocha Cake Roll sounds like a perfect sweet treat for the holidays! +Marcie FlavortheMoments 

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Lots of yummy for the tummy in this list! +Kay Little 
20+ Christmas Sweet Treats
With Christmas just around the corner, baking is in full swing at my house. I love this time of the year and I love putting together Christmas treat boxes and trays. It is not too early to do some holiday baking. Giving trays of homemade cookies and candies...

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What's For Supper? Menu for the week December 1, 2014 #recipes - Chicken Noodle Soup, Nachos and more!
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