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Tancrède Bouglé
Brony, Whovian, writer and European Citizen!
Brony, Whovian, writer and European Citizen!

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went to see Metropolis, arrived too late, saw Real Steel. Not sure I would have seen it otherwise but I definitely didn't lose my time. Of course a few cliché scene and a classic variation on the father/son relationship but the fightings are really realistic so that makes up for everything. Acting good, directing good, acceptable product placements.
To sum up: I'd watch the hell out a robot boxing championship!

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Happy Halloween to everybody!

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#Doctorwho Thank you +Kristofer Brozio , see Doctor, this is why we can't have nice things!

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So, day 2 of no power or internet/cable at my apartment in Massachusetts after the freak October snowstorm. My girlfriend took me to work today and I'm sitting here in her office on her laptop a little bored.

I really dig G+'s ripples, but sadly my post for my social media propaganda posters with over 3600 shares on it is too old to show the share data for that feature. Since I'm bored, I'm just going to post that graphic again and see how many shares I can get on it. I'm sure I won't come anywhere close to 3600, but it'll give me something to do. lol

And, as usual, a plug to my Etsy shop. :)

Hi everyone, saturday night past midnight, it's writing time!
Just throw me your ideas along the theme "urban magic", does these word inspire you? How?
Let it out!

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If that can be of any help to anybody: guide against tear gass for #OccupyWallStreet people and elsewhere!

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Royal succession laws changed

The BBC are reporting that plans to change the royal succession laws have gone through.

Now, sons and daughters of future monarchs will have equal right to the throne. No more priority given to the first-born male.

Absolutely the right thing to do in this modern world.

Oh, and if anyone feels the need to rant about how they don't agree with having a monarchy, please take your comments elsewhere. The fact is that we DO have a monarchy and this is the right decision to make. I do not want this post turning into a debate on whether or not we should even have a monarchy.

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The empire has cookies, we have Leia.

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My new excuse: "I'm not crazy, I'm behaving like Charlie Winston"
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