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"May the light guide your way across the life."

Yeah, it's been a long time since I made Aether OST in summer. It was my first soundtrack and I must say it is the best music that I've created so far, I'm very happy and proud of it. So now, my latest electronic is now officially released :-) This time I combined simplicity and spirituality to create a new ambient atmosphere, I'm sure that you will be enlightened :-)

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Woo hoo, I am Soundclouder of the Day today :X I don't know what to say to express my feelings at this time, but I'm very happy! Thank you my friends and fans for your big supports, and also especially the SoundCloud Community, which discovered and chose me as a SCOTD.

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Finally, FL Studio users can bring their works on stage and perform :-) who does say it won't be capable in live performance? ;-)

I am planning on composing "The Ferryman, Part II". What do you think about it? :-)

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I can touch the Tree, I can see the Ocean Wave, I can feel the Wind. What a Feel of Life! :-)

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Wasted Youth of a Nation V (2010) (81 photos)
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B.A.X. in Real Life (3 photos)
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Hello guys :-) welcome to my official Google+ Music Page!
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