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Eric Pavey
CG, art, projects, chocolate
CG, art, projects, chocolate

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Used the CircuitPlayground Express + CircuitPython to make a 3D printable interactive light that will turn on/off based on if it's flipped upside down or not, and can change intensity/color based on tilt. You can download the the 3d printable files & code on Thingiverse:
Video of it in action:

After years of Arduino, really enjoying CirciutPython on the CPE.

Now that I've rebuilt my bot and fixed my weird z-artifacting (which turns out was based on my heated bed hitting my PSU too hard during the bang/bang); I'm
getting some great print results.
Which just show off other flaws I probably never saw before. And again, yet another weird z-artifact.

Every Z 40mm on the dot, "something" is happening to my prints. I've recently done two test prints: Both 500mm tall, by 20mm wide, heated bed off, different shapes (one hexagon, one square), different slicers (Simpliy3D & Slic3r Prusa), different layer heights, speeds, and different filaments: The artifact shows up in them both, so, I'm pretty sure it's not slicer/filament/3d model/z-layer height related.

In my test prints, it's almost as if it's slightly shifting the print (maybe, 1/4mm?) on the XY plane for 2-ish height mm on Z, so on some sides there's a slight bump, and on others, a slight concave dip. It also doesn't show up for the first 80mm, it's not until the 120mm mark can it be detected, and then, gets slowly worse over time, every 40mm.
I've not included a pic since it's hard to see/photograph, but if you run you thumb down the prints, you can definitely feel it. And, there is some additional (very subtle) z-artifacting after it, like a sine-wave settling out.

I recently had done a 36-hour print of a life-sized neck/head (about 350mm tall), and the same artifacts show up on it in the same place as my test prints. And by the "7th artifact" (z 280mm ) the print completely failed, stopped extruding for a layer or so (Bondtech BMG stopped extruding, huh?): I didn't catch it until after the fact, but it had recovered by then and finished the print. But I had to do a bunch of post-work to clean up that section.

I'm using two 1.8deg\200 step per rev nema-17s from OpenBuilds on Z, with 1/64 microstepping on my RADDS board, connected directly to the leadscrews via a metal flexible coupling, with auto-bed-leveling enabled, using RepRap Firmware:
* 1 revolution is 8 mm traveled
* 1 full step = 8mm / 200 = .04mm = 40 micron
* I only print at full step heights: The bust was at 200 micron, the tests were at 240 & 280 micron.

There seems to be some correlation between the 40 micro full-step heights and the 40mm failure points? That can't be a coincidence?
40mm = 40,000 micron = 1000 full steps: and it's having a weird artifact exactly every 1000 steps?

My next test will be to change my z microstepping to say, 1/16, and see if that impact the results. I'll also disable the auto-bed leveling (since it's constantly running correcting the z-height) and see if that has any impact.

But any other thoughts are much appreciated.

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Anyone here use Simplify3d with RepRap Firmware? I'm thinking there may be some sort of conflict going on: I'm getting an issue where the 'Coasting Distance' setting (which should cut off the extrusion some distance between the end of the segment to help with blobbing) does absolutely nothing. And I think it would fix an issue I'm having. More info and pics in the below link:

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So, my weird Z-ringing issue is still present : Even after my massive printer rebuild, it's still there. I've posted all sorts of details here:!topic/3dprintertipstricksreviews/hjkhDRubAIE
If anyone has any ideas, feel free to comment on that thread, or here as well. Here's a pic of what I'm still encountering (make it bigger to see the issue more clearly).

Acceleration & jerk : Regardless of you firmware, what are your values? I realized I've not tuned mine in a long time, and they could probably use some love.
My current acceleration in mm/sec2:
X3000 Y3000 Z100 E4000
And Jerk in mm/min
X600 Y600 Z30 E420
But some of these are just the defaults that came with my RepRapFimrware config. What are others using, and do you feel you're getting the results you're after?

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Got the new extruder mount for the Bondtech BMG installed, and it's printing away. Find the files on the thingiverse link below. Like I mentioned in the other thread, I also supplied an 'alt' version that does away with the mini-bowden, and mounts the heat-break directly to the extruder. The volcano nozzle just sticks below the gantry, but it's functional.

What extruder/designs are people using these days? I"m running a E3D-v6 volcano on Carl's direct-drive setup, which has been functional, but I've been thinking about mixing it up with a Bondtech or E3d Titan/Aero : Thoughts/opinions? Anyone developed an adapter bracket for those? Any other suggestions?

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After two weekends of work, my '2017 redux' is complete : Tons of new parts replace & added to the ol'C-bot... it's more of a C/D/Spiffbot now ;) Thanks to all in this community that keep making this machine better!

As part of my bot update, I want to insulate the underside of my heated bed: It's 12" square: Any recommendations on adhesive cork sheets? I've seen some people with those on their machines.

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What does everyone think of my sweet new C-Bot core-xy build? Small is the new big, this thing should clock in with a 2" build platform!

Joking of course, I'm just printing new parts for my existing bot, and though I'd mock them up with the cuttoffs from my last build ;)
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