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Show-n-tell  - 
The Mrs. wanted a 3d printed reindeer, so I grabbed the 'Holiday Christmas Deer' from Thingiverse: 20" tall, 9 hours print time, 90mm\sec, 300 micron, .6mm nozzle, blue GizmoDorks PLA.  Timelapse:
Pretty happy with the surface quality.
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In all honesty based on the lighting in the pic, and the size of the print make it look smother than it is. Although even in person people content on its smoothness. You can easily see the layer lines up close (it is 300 micron), but the overall quality and consistency is quite good. Which I would attest to the overall corexy design style of the printer, and my obsessive compulsive attitude to tuning print settings ;)
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Eric Pavey

Show-n-tell  - 
Recently printed out a life-size pirate head for a buddy at work (he sculpted it in zbrush).  Pretty happy with the results.  Print stats are in the link.
I was recently approached by one of my co-workers, Diego Teran, if I could 3d print a zbrush sculpt he'd done of a pirate head. Looking at it, I realized it'd be a perfect candidate to print life-...
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Eric Pavey

Questions/Help  - 
In gcode (for Malin), is there a way to store \ recall the last XY position?

I'm trying to interject some gcode for a print, so when it hits a specific layer I can pause it for filament swap.  The plan is: "store position", drops Z by 10, homes XY, waits for the user to press the button on the LCD, then raises the bed by 10, and goes back to the "stored XY position".  I have all that except the "store position" & "go to stored position"  bit.  Any thoughts on how I can do this?  Current code:

??? ; Store last XY position
G91 ; Relative positioning
G1 Z10 ; Lower the bed by 10mm
G28 XY ; Home XY
M0 Click To Continue ; Pause the print
G1 Z-10 : Raise the bed back up 10mm
G90 ; Back to absolute positioning
??? ; Restore last XY position

Right now it all works except after the G90, it does't go back where it should.

Did I mention I miss Sailfish?
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+Eric Pavey​ cool glad to know it worked for you. 
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Eric Pavey

Show-n-tell  - 
Printed out (on my C-bot) a 19" / 500mm tall 3d scan of myself. Captured as a scanner test (not to feed my ego...), so why not try and print it eh? :P
Overall pretty happy with it.  Had a few issues discussed in the blog.  Feel really comfortable throwing big prints at the C-Bot now.
Or "Really Big Me" depending on how you look at it: A few months ago I stopped by the "Artec3D Scanning Service and Showroom" in Palo Alto (CA) to check out their scanner tech.  While there, they o...
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+Eric Pavey​ got that tagged for a read... ;)
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Eric Pavey

Questions/Help  - 
Question about reloading filament in Marlin:
This is trivial in Sailfish which is on my other bot, and I'm pretty used to doing it via my rep1's LCD.  Digging around Marlin's Configuration_adv.h, I found a section dealing with:
Which was commented out:  I enabled it, flashed the board, and now I get this snazzy 'change filament menu' in the LCD when printing.

Issue is this:  I execute the command via the LCD, it pauses the print, drops the built platform a few mm, homes the nozzle, retracts some filament and then.... the LCD goes blank, and my Rumba board starts making this weird chattering sound.  Twisting the knob on the LCD sort of makes the words show up again (weird), otherwise they vanish, and no amount of twisting the knob \ pushing the button makes the print resume:  I need to reset the board.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?  I'm using the RepRapDiscount LCD on the Rumba.

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+Nathan Walkner : (from the conversation over here:

I've been looking all over my marlin, and the one on github, and I'm not seeing what you're talking about (as far as it stating m600 is disabled) : What I see is the ability to enable it.  I believe you, but maybe we're somehow looking at different data?  Can you send me a link?  Many thanks!
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Eric Pavey

General discussion  - 
I find myself standing still in this pose far too often.  Anyone else?
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Maybe it will start the solid fill in that one area on the next layer.  Ok, maybe it will be the next layer after that, I'll hang on for a couple minutes to see it change to that part.  Maybe it's still not the next layer, but the Z has to be within a millimeter of when that bridging will start, it shouldn't be much longer now. Damn, it went for the infill again, still not up to the solid layers.
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Eric Pavey

Show-n-tell  - 
After what seems like a bajillion hours of test prints, I've finally got my 1.0mm Volcano nozzle to behave properly:  It no longer covers everything in drool and zits.
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Very nice write-up. Should be required reading for everyone who wants to build a bigger printer.
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Eric Pavey

Show-n-tell  - 
Recently printed out a 20" tall Eiffel Tower model on my C-Bot. Came out pretty well IMO.
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Google Drive to the rescue: Here's a link to the FFF I used to print it:
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Eric Pavey

Questions/Help  - 
Question to the community about firmware comparisons:  

I've been researching this for a while and haven't found any one good spot that gives a nice comparison of certain functionality across them, so I figured I'd make my own.  Issue is, I only have experience with Sailfish & Marlin, and there are many other firmwares out there.  Hunting through forums, github, ggroups, and other esoteric locations is becoming tiring, and really this stuff could be answered quickly by those who actually use the firmwares.  

Since I know the answers to Sailfish/Marlin, I still have questions about Repetier, Smoothie, Redeem, RepRap Firmware, and any other types you'd like to contribute.

So here are my questions:

For Firmware X, does it support, via the LCD:
* Print Pausing?
* Easy Filament Reloading?  Meaning:  Save the xyz location, Drop the build platform a few mm, home xy, retract filament, wait for you to reload, prompt to restart, reset all stepper positions back to stored xyz, resume print.
* Defining a fixed z-height for pause?

To start, I can fill some of these in:

* LCD Print Pause: Yes
* LCD Filament Reload : Yes
* LCD Set z-height pause: Yes

* LCD Print Pause : Yes
* LCD Filament Reload : No (I've tried enabling this in the firmware, but it doesn't seem to work)
* LCD Set z-height pause: No

Yes I know you can hack gcode to make this stuff work, and you can use something like Octoprint to issue commands as well..  My questions are specifically about operating the firmware via the LCD.

Many thanks!
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For anything related to the reload in Marlin, I'd like to move this conversation to my previous thread here:

I'd love to keep this one for anyone else who has feedback on my questions above about other firmware's functionality :)
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Eric Pavey

Questions/Help  - 
Question to the community about ringing/ghosting:

I recently custom built a 'C-Bot' core-xy printer, with a Bowden extruder (thus removing a bunch of moving mass).  
Main page here:
My build here:

I figured this (core-xy, Bowden) would help to reduce xy ringing in a print. I've been doing a bunch of organic stuff up until now, and the printer has been working great. But yesterday I did a print that really shows off how much ringing is going on. Arguably worse than what my Replicator 1 does on the same print.

It was sliced in Simplify3D, printed with a .6mm E3d-Volcano nozzle @ 300 micron, 60mm/sec extrusion & travel in PLA. My firmware is Marlin, running on a Rumba, using DRV8825 stepper drivers.

So my questions to those in the know is:
* What do you suspect is causing this?
* Any thoughts as how to fix?

My first guess would be my xy-stepper belts aren't tight enough. Which raises the question, 'how tight should they be', and 'how does one measure said tightness?'.  They 'seem ok to me'.  But I really have no frame of reference.

Finally, I've never messed with all the Marlin firmware acceleration/jerk settings, I think they're all default. I'm wondering if maybe these should be tweaked? And if so, to what?

Any thoughts appreciated!  I took the pic trying to get the morning sun to really show off all the problems.
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I posted some before\after pics on my blog here:
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Eric Pavey

Questions/Help  - 
I've been trying to track down on my Rumba board, for all the exposed pins & connectors, what their equivalent Arduino pin numbers are.  This has been... surprisingly hard to track down.  For example, it looks like the "Fan1" mosfet = Arduino pin8. In addition, there's an expansion port on the left, I'd love to know what all those pins relate to.  Any thoughts?  Thanks
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Ah, you're was board 33 in an earlier version of Marlin..and yeah, my rev of Rumba looks different from the wiki in a number of ways. 
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