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Reminds me of my old orange tabby Sandy. He was an outside stray when somehow either kicked him, hit him with a car, or hit him with something like a shovel. One back leg was broken in several places.

We took him to the vet. The vet explained surgery would be about $600. My Dad didn't want to shell that out for a stray (we had other animals including another cat). I asked the vet 'will he walk well and have a good quality of life if fixed up?' Vet said yes. I told dad 'I wouldn't like it if someone put me down when I had a good chance of recovery.'

I put it on my credit card (as a student, I worked doing yard work for university profs and other older folks). It took me about 6 months to pay off that $600 debt, but Sandy was with us for about 10-11 years before passing on.

Dad's more of a sucker in his old age. I think they just escalated from 4 strays-moved-in to 6 with another 4-5 lurking at the back door at night for a meal. That's the problem living next to a farm - folk drop cats off all the time assuming the farmers feed them. The truth is they get the daylights kicked out of them by the feral barn cats. So Dad takes them in.

I'm afraid if my folks kick the bucket, I might suddenly acquire 6-11 dependents of the furry sort.
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