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Dissertation Research Fun Fact #6: I no longer have to feel guilty about any of my movie tastes (although this year has shifted them considerably...), courtesy of feminist film theorist Annette Kuhn:
"Feminists may feel secretly guilty about their enjoyment of images they are convinced ought to be rejected as politically unsound. In analyzing such images, though, it is possible, indeed necessary, to acknowledge their pleasurable qualities, precisely because pleasure is an area of analysis in its own right."
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You mean I can watch Bridesmaids and not worry that its just an exploitation of all women's deep-seated anxieties and fears over their own wedding day that's been ingrained in us since we were six and has been perpetuated by celebrity weddings, magazines, and the wedding industry? Woohoo!
What Would Kuhn Do is basically my dissertation motto, so I say go forth and laugh. (I guess technically we should then have a whole reflexive analysis of our affective response, but.... eh, at least we can enjoy them in the moment!)
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