This graphic novel, Burquette, is about a non-muslim father who makes his tween or teenage daughter wear a burqua for one year to teach her to be less superficial about life. It's by a Quebecois artist. It's got excellent drawings. But:

I wish the book had gone more out of its way to make the father seem like the asshat he obviously is.

I wish there had been more realistic depiction of what would happen to a girl who just out of nowhere starts wearing a burqua. I mean, on like the first evening she goes out alone to a party. Is there frantic worry about whether she's going to get hurt and harassed on the streets at night? No.

I wish the story of why the girl's mom had left years before and never been in touch had been plausible instead of ridiculous.

I wish there had been more stuff about why some women do choose to wear burquas and how that would or wouldn't affect the girl's experience.

I wish the dramatic denoument, in which her father relents, hadn't involved the girl learning how to sew and thus being able to take apart her burqua and make it into a fashionable outfit. Learning to sew? Really??
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