I just finished reading Are You My Mother? A Comic Drama, by the always-amazing Alison Bechdel.  Summary:  Brilliant graphic novel memoir, touching on everything from Alison's childhood X-rated gynecological drawings, to the life of Virginia Woolf, to modern psychoanalytic theory.

If you read her earlier book Fun Home, then you know that she grew up in a small town, in a family that owned a funeral home, with two literary parents each frustrated in their different ways. 

Fun Home focuses on the relationship between Alison, a boyish girl who grows up to draw cartoons about her life with lesbians (Dykes To Watch Out For), and her father, a closeted gay man obsessed with his home, who dies and leaves his family wondering:  accident or suicide?

Are You My Mother? is about Alison's relationship with her mother, a former budding actress and former student of literature who gives it all up to become a mom. Why is their relationship so complicated?  Why is Alison unhappy? Through therapy, talking to girlfriends, talking to mom, and reading reading reading, she tries to figure it all out.

OBVIOUSLY you should read it.  Support your local comics store, or if you don't have one, the Amazon link is below.
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