Last week I read this engaging book about life in suburban Australia, The Slap.  It's about all the social repercussions that ensue when an adult slaps a child (not his own) at a largish afternoon barbeque full of family and friends. 

Best thing about the book:  there are a lot of characters who are good in some ways and bad in others, likable in some ways and revolting in others, admirable in some ways and seriously troubling in others.  I'm always complaining that books have too many good guys and bad guys.  This one doesn't. I found all the characters realistically complex. 

Worst thing about the book:  each chapter is told from the point of view of a different character.  Maybe it's just me and maybe I'm hopelessly old-fashioned.  But I get very attached to characters at the start of a story, and I found it jarring to see them almost disappear into the narrative as the focus shifted.  I kept wanting to hear the story from the point of view of the character of the first chapter, Hector: he's neither slapper nor parent, just host of the infamous barbeque, husband, parent, kind of in the middle of things, you get the idea. 
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